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Know the truth: There is neither death nor birth; no creation; no multiplicity; nothing apart from Consciousness.

Dennis Waite
Discover your true nature

13 oct 15 | Waite, A-U-M
Gaudapada was one of the world’s greatest philosophers in seventh-century India. He invokes the mystical symbol ‘AUM’ pointing to the three states of consciousness (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) and the nature of reality itself. All three states are the result of ignorance and error. Who we really are is the fourth aspect.




Medieval hallucinogenic practices

5 oct 15 | Hatsis, The Witches’ Ointment
Examining trial records and the pharmacopoeia of witches, alchemists, folk healers, and heretics of the 15th century, Thomas Hatsis details how a range of ideas from folk drugs to ecclesiastical fears over medicine women merged to form the classical “witch” stereotype and what history has called the “witches’ ointment.”




The new standard work

25 sept 15 | Cardeña, Palmer, Marcusson-Clavertz, Parapsychology
This book is the first in almost 40 years to provide a comprehensive scientific overview of research in the field of parapsychology, explaining what we know and don’t know about so-called psi phenomena, such as “telepathy,” “precognition” or “psychokinesis.”




The world is a work of art

21 sept 15 | Wilczek, A Beautiful Question
The mind-shifting book by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek braids the age-old quest for beauty and the age-old quest for truth into a thrilling synthesis. When we find that our sense of beauty is realized in the physical world, we are discovering something about the world, but also something about ourselves.




Visionary Art meets Depth Psychology

15 sept 15 | Grof, Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art
Psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Stanislav Grof takes readers on an enchanting tour of the human psyche and a visual tour of the artwork of H.R. Giger. In this book he illuminates themes related to dreams, trauma, sexuality, birth, and death, by applying his penetrating analysis to the work of Giger and other visionary artists.




Who they really are

9 sept 15 | Safina, Beyond Words
Weaving decades of field observations with exciting new discoveries about the brain, Carl Safina’s landmark book offers an intimate view of animal behavior to challenge the fixed boundary between humans and nonhuman animals. Wise, passionate, and eye-opening, the book is ultimately a graceful examination of our place in the world.




From fragmented to connected

1 sept 15 | Betz, Kimsey-House, Integration
The authors examine how we came to be polarized in our dealing with self and other, and what we can do to move from an either/or state to a more effective and fulfilling way of being, to finally reaching our full potential within ourselves, with each other, in groups and organizations and with society at large.




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Neuroscience's New Consciousness Theory Is Spiritual

mind | 13 oct 15 | Bobby Azarian, The Huffington Post
Integrated Information Theory – put forth by neuroscientists Giulio Tononi and Christof Koch – is a new framework that describes a way to experimentally measure the extent to which a system is conscious.

The Right Livelihood Award 2015

life | 9 oct 15 | Right Livelihood Award Foundation
The laureates this year are an Ugandan human rights activist, an Italian physician and pacifist, a Canadian Inuit activist and the foreign minister of the Marshall islands.

Positive People Have Different Brain Connections

science | 5 oct 15 | University of Oxford, Science Daily
There is a strong correspondence between a particular set of connections in the brain and positive lifestyle and behavior traits, according to a new study. 

The First Earthly Superintelligence …

mind | 1 oct 15 | Ben Goertzel, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
… will be an incremental mind-upload of the Global Brain.

Lucky to live in a universe made for us

science | 29 sept 15 | Geraint Lewis, The Conversation
If some of the laws of physics were only infinitesimally different, we would simply not exist. It almost looks like the universe itself was built for life. But how can that be?

Who Apes Whom?

life | 25 sept 15 | Frans de Waal, The New York Times
A discovery in South Africa shows just how mixed up humans are. It has australopithecine-like hips and an ape-size brain, yet its feet and teeth are typical of the genus Homo.

Perfect genetic knowledge

life | 21 sept 15 | Dawn Field, Aeon
Human genomics is just the beginning: the Earth has 50 billion tons of DNA. What happens when we have the entire biocode?

Restructuring consciousness

science | 17 sept 15 | Andrew R. Gallimore, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
The psychedelic state in light of integrated information theory. A hypothesis and a theoretical article.

The Visionary World of H. R. Giger

mind | 15 sept 15 | Stanislav Grof, Reality Sandwich
An excerpt from the essay “H.R. Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century,” included in the new book Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art by Stanislav Grof.

Whole Brain Language

science | 9 sept 15 | O. Güntürkün et al., Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Researchers have debunked the theory that the left brain hemisphere is dominant in the processing of all languages: Whistled Turkish involves both hemispheres equally.

Lots of Trees to Hug

eco | 7 sept 15 | Kevin Dennehy, Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies
There are just over three trillion trees on Earth, according to a new assessment, about seven and a half times more than some previous estimates.

Beyond Castaneda

science | 3 sep 15 | Jack Hunter, Academia
A brief history of psychedelics in anthropology, from arm-chair intellectualists to transpersonal experientialists.

The pronoun ‘I’ is becoming obsolete

life | 1 sept 15 | David Salisbury, Vanderbilt University
To think of plants and animals, including humans, as autonomous individuals is a serious over-simplification.

The Social Fabric of a Technically Advanced Society

culture | 29 aug 15 | Nicole Sallak Anderson, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
There is so much human potential. Yet something seems to hold us back from becoming a stable species. We have two choices before us, begin to cooperate and live in harmony, or destroy everything, including our planet.

Why we're smarter than chickens

science | 27 aug 15 | Jovana Drinjakovic, University of Toronto
Researchers have discovered that a single molecular event in our cells could hold the key to how we evolved to become the smartest creatures on the planet.

The Cellular Origins of Intelligence

life | 21 aug 15 | Bill Miller, h+ Magazine
Our clearly superior intellectual abilities for certain skills has seduced us towards a dismissive attitude towards the surprisingly deep and broad range of analytical gifts of our companion creatures.

Surfing the Subtle Planes of Reality …

mind | 17 aug 15 | James O’Dea, Reality Sandwich
… (Ego Restricted) … One thing is clear: if ego is restricted from entry to the subtle planes, intellect won’t take you there either – just as intellect won’t help you fall in love.

There's No Such Thing As Race

life | 13 aug 15 | Trace Dominguez, TestTube Plus
According to science, race is just an adaptation of humans living in different parts of the world, but ethnicity is very real. Video.

Into the deep

mind | 11 aug 15 | M M Owen, Aeon
Just when you crave one more sensual hit, the void of the float tank stops time, strips ego and unleashes the mind.

Paranormal experiences with psychoactive drugs

science | 7 aug 15 | David P. Luke and Marios Kittenis, Academia
A preliminary survey about the psychological experience of psi and the neurochemistry of the psi experience. Paper.

Buddhism vs. Utilitarianism

mind | 5 aug 15 | David Pearce, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
If suffering and its abolition are central to life on Earth, can differences between the two traditions that seek to abolish suffering be resolved to questions of means, not ends?


mind | 3 aug 15 | Peter Russell, YouTube
The video from a recent talk by Peter Russell puts things together in a new way, and contains quite a bit of material he hasn’t spoken on before.

The Rise of Computer-Aided Explanation

science | 3 aug 15 | Michael Nielsen, Quanta Magazine
Computers can translate French and prove mathematical theorems. But can they make deep conceptual insights into the way the world works?

The end of capitalism has begun

culture | 29 july 15 | Paul Mason, The Guardian
Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian.

Mysticism – Contemplative and Chemical

mind | 29 july 15 | Roger Walsh, Reality Sandwich
Mystical experiences are conceived of as coinciding with altered states of consciousness, and a consideration of mystical states should begin with a discussion of consciousness itself. An excerpt from Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics.

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What is it that makes us human? Filmmaker a Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years collecting real-life stories from 2,000 women and men in 60 countries, capturing deeply personal and emotional accounts of topics that unite us all.

Evolution Will Change How You See The World

This entertaining video by Lawrence Rifkin with its stirring blend of words and images, inspires awe, and conveys a deep understanding of the human experience.

The Scientist
The documentary traces the story of Dr Raphael Mechoulam, the father of modern cannabis research; he ascertained that THC interacts with the largest receptor system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system.

This Changes Everything
Filmed in nine countries and five continents over four years, the epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change is inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller.

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What Is a Species?

David Kaplan explores why a simple definition of species is hard to come by.

Renewed Brilliance
The second album from The Balustrade Ensemble is the sound of infinity. A gorgeous, ever-present sound opens previously unknown doorways that then lead into new, alternate dimensions.

Liquid Transmitter is the ambient electronic project of Berlin-based, Canadian artist Jamie Drouin, the piece is from his new album Tidal Locking.

What is Creativity?
Media artist, futurist, philosopher Jason Silva inspires us to reflect about the creative process and to gain creative insight in our modern, connected, technological world.

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