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Health only finds itself in the authentic. There is no beauty without authenticity.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Healing the Unconscious Mind

17 apr 15 | Jodorowsky, Manual of Psychomagic
The legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky explains how the surreal acts of psychomagic are intended to break apart the dysfunctional persona with whom the patient identifies in order to connect with a deeper, more authentic self, and he provides several hundred successful psychomagic solutions.




New light on social behavior

9 apr 15 | Wilson, Does Altruism Exist?
One of the world’s leading evolutionists shows that altruism is not categorically good, and how a social theory that goes beyond altruism by focusing on group function can help to improve the human condition in a practical sense. The book puts old controversies to rest and will become the center of debate for decades to come.




Self-Help for Gaia

1 apr 15 | Basar, Coupland, Obrist, The Age of Earthquakes
The future is happening to us far faster than we thought it would and this quick-fire paperback explains why. Harnessing the images, language and perceptions of our unfurling digital lives, the authors and over 30 contemporary artists invent a glossary of new words to describe how we are truly feeling today.




Futique Dimensions

23 mar 15 | Sirius, Cornell, Transcendence
Transhumanism is an international movement that advocates the use of science and technology to overcome the “natural” limitations experienced by humanity: Ending aging, gaining greater intelligence, and conquering the stars, among a plethora of other alterations to what has been the ordinary human condition.




A Psychonaut's Fungal Chronicles

17 mar 15 | Powell, Magic Mushroom Explorer
Interweaving the most recent scientific studies in the United States and Great Britain, more than 25 years of sacred mushroom exploration, and behind-the-scenes details on the political wars against psychedelics, Simon Powell offers a guide to safely navigating and maximizing the healing and spiritual potential of psilocybin.




By choice, not by chance

9 mar 15 | Hubbard, Conscious Evolution
The noted futurist highlights the tremendous potential of newfound scientific knowledge, technological advances, and compassionate spirituality and illustrates the opportunities that each of us has to fully participate in this exciting stage of human history. We will bring forth all that is within us and not only save ourselves, but evolve our world.




The Mystery of Artistic Creation

2 mar 15 | Martel, Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice
Drawing on examples ranging from Paleolithic cave paintings to modern pop music and building on the ideas of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Gilles Deleuze, Carl Jung, and others, Jean-François Martel argues that art is an inborn human phenomenon that precedes the formation of culture and even society. Art is free of politics and ideology.




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The Toad Prophet

mind | 21 apr 15 | Vice Mexico
In search of Bufo alvarius – a species that contains a very high dosage of the powerful hallucinogen 5-MEO-DMT in its body – with Dr. Octavio Rettig Hinojosa.

Health Benefits of Urban Nature

eco | 17 apr 15 | American Institute of Biological Sciences, ScienceDaily
Could a dose of nature be just what the doctor ordered? There is a well-established link between time spent in nature and better human health.

Swearing is good for you

life | 17 apr 15 | Chris Riotta, Elite Daily
People who curse all the time are hotter, confident and less stressed.

Safe as Riding a Bike or Playing Soccer

science | 13 apr 15 | Hayley Richardson, Newsweek
Psychedelic drugs like MDMA and Psilocybin are as safe as riding a bike or playing soccer, and bans against them are “inconsistent with human rights”.

Cities That Are Starting To Go Car-Free

eco | 13 apr 15 | Adele Peters, Co.Exist
Urban planners are finally recognizing that streets should be designed for people, not careening hunks of deadly metal.

New light on origins of consciousness

science | 7 apr 15 | Melanie Moran, Vanderbilt University
In a recent brain imaging study researchers discovered global changes in how brain areas communicate with one another during awareness.

Going Vegan Could Save The World

life | 7 apr 15 | Amanda Froelich, True Activist
According to a new UN report, “A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change.”

The road map to the Universe

science | 1 apr | Ollie Gillman, Daily Mail
Pathways between our Milky Way and 100’000 other far away galaxies have been revealed by scientists after a 10-year quest into the unknown.

Technology and the human imagination

mind | 1 apr | Interview: Jason Silva, YouTube
A chat with author Erik Davis about the intersectionality of technology, the human imagination and the phenomenon Davies coined “Techgnosis.”

Singularity, Psychedelics and Technoculture

culture | 27 mar 15 | Interview: Jeremy D. Johnson, Reality Sandwich
A conversation with R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell about their new book, Transcendence, exploring the shared trippy history between psychedelic counterculture and the technological dreams of transhumanism.

How to design the future

science | 27 mar 15 | Jon Turney, Aeon
As technological choices become ever more complex, design fiction, not science, hints at the future we actually want.

The Reality of Quantum Weirdness

science | 23 mar 15 | Edward Frenkel, The New York Times
Is there a fixed reality apart from our various observations of it? Or is reality nothing more than a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities? Experimental research supports the latter scenario.

Seeing the mind of a star?

mind | 23 mar 15 | Gregory Sams, YouTube
Why is viewing a solar eclipse such an exciting and inspiring event? Author and social pioneer Gregory Sams looks at our local star through ancient lenses, adding a new dimension to our understanding of the heavens.

Fractal Patterns & Golden Ratio Pulses in Stars

science | 17 mar 15 | Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American
Nature has revealed peculiar mathematical objects that connect order and chaos. A pulsating star in the constellation Lyra generates a unique fractal pattern that hints at unknown stellar processes.

Death Is Optional

life | 17 mar 15 | Yuval Noah Harari, Daniel Kahneman, Edge
“Once you really solve a problem like direct brain-computer interface … when brains and computers can interact directly, that’s it, that’s the end of history, that’s the end of biology as we know it.” A conversation.

Genetic Geometry Takes Shape

science | 17 mar 15 | Ivan Amato, Quanta Magazine
Inside the cell’s nucleus, the double helix folds up in myriad loops and twists. The quest to unravel this structure is revealing the subtle genetic orchestration of all life on Earth.

Mental time travel

mind | 17 mar 15 | Vanderbilt University, ScienceDaily
Neuroscientists explore areas of the brain responsible for the recollection of memories so rich in detail regarding the time and place of an original experience that it is much like traveling through time.

Wired and wild

eco | 11 mar 15 | Matt Mellen, Ecohustler, Positive News
Global connectivity means we now have the means, motive and opportunity to radically reorganise society to enable citizens to thrive within an abundant biosphere.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

science | 9 mar 15 | Association for Psychological Science
With our uniquely large brains and extended childhoods, humans are a bit of an evolutionary puzzle. Romantic love and the pair-bonding that it motivates may be part of the answer to this riddle.

The Elastic Brain

science | 6 mar 15 | Rebecca Boyle, Aeon
A child’s brain can master anything from language to music. Can neuroscience extend that genius across the lifespan?

Forever Young

science | 6 mar 15 | Mark Wheeler, UCLA
Potential age-defying effects of long-term meditation on gray matter atrophy. Paper.

The Cosmic Tug of Love

mind | 2 mar 15 | D.J. MacLennan, h+ Magazine
Love exerts such a profound force upon us – on our interactions, on our aspirations, on our enterprises, and ultimately on the fabric of our world. And when we push out into our solar system then on into interstellar space?

Real works of art are machines for destroying ideologies

culture | 2 mar 15 | Interview: Matt Cardin, The Teeming Brain
The numinous, subversive power of art in an artificial age. A conversation with Canadian writer and filmmaker J.F. Martel, author of the book Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice.

The Neural Correlates of Consciousness

science | 27 feb 15 | Susan Blackmore, Science & Nonduality
Consciousness is a hot topic in neuroscience and some of the brightest researchers are hunting for the neural correlates of consciousness – but they will never find them.

The Manual of Psychedelic Support

life | 27 feb 15 | Psychedelic Care Publications
A comprehensive guide to setting up and running compassionate care services for people having difficult drug experiences at music festivals and similar events. Free download.

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Wizards of Oz

World's cutest, smallest and most awesome spiders.


The film reveals the compelling challenges we face in a world of 7 billion, featuring world-renowned experts to help explain one of the most persistent controversies in our culture that touches gender equity, religion, reproductive health and the environment.

Nature Is Speaking

A series of short films delivering a message people everywhere need to hear: Nature doesn't need people, but people desperately need nature.


An experimental film project by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips that explores human movement through motion capture technology.

Lily in the Grinder

What if a human life is a static four-dimensional entity that cannot be said to truly begin or end? What if we already are everything we will ever be? A short film about existence.

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Lead Us to the Sound

Erothyme douses all of his beats in multiplicitous melting layers of homebrewed extra-sultry sweetsauce.

Ambient Space Music

Calming, soothing tunes and nature sounds that will help you enter deep relaxation states and induce lucid dreaming with binaural beats.

The World Is Made Of Language

Jason Silva freestyles his way into the complex systems of science, language and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of how language connects everything in a form of existential jazz.

Useful Knowledge

Jasmine Guffond’s music is kind, exploratory, and patient. Like a low mist, her music lingers and swirls in the air. It doesn’t seem like it’s in a hurry to move on, and that’s good news for the listener.

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