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As human beings we each have around 25 000 genes. To a large extent, we each have a very similar set of these genes but there are variations that provide us with individual characeristics ... Compatibility genes are those that vary the most from person to person. These genes are, in effect, a molecular mark that distinguishes each of us as individuals.

Daniel M. Davis
What Makes Us Different

1 sept 14 | Davis, The Compatibility Gene
A scientific adventure story set in a new field of genetic discovery – that of the crucial genes that define our relationships, our health and our individuality. Daniel M. Davis, one of the leading scientists in the field, tells us the story of its groundbreaking developments that have the potential to change us all.




Understanding Gaia

25 aug 14 | Buhner, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm
Earth poet Stephen Harrod Buhner explains how to use analogical thinking and imaginal perception to directly experience the inherent meanings that flow through the world, that are expressed from each living form that surrounds us, and to initiate communication in return, connection with Nature by using our hearts rather than our heads.




True Self Discovery

19 aug 14 | Waite, Back to the Truth
The author compares the scriptures of traditional Advaita with the words of contemporary sages and neo-Advaita. Should we ignore the mind? Is the world real? Is there anything we can do to become “enlightened”? These questions and many more are addressed, with explanations from those who discovered the truth.




Life as an Act of Healing

9 aug 14 |  Jodorowsky, The Dance of Reality
Retracing the spiritual and mystical path he has followed since childhood, Alejandro Jodorowsky re-creates the incredible adventure of his life as an artist, filmmaker, writer, and therapist – all stages on his quest to push back the boundaries of both imagination and reason – to find an inner light that can help through life’s most difficult tests.




A Holistic Worldview

25 july 14 | Capra, Luisi, The Systems View of Life
A new systemic conception of life has emerged at the forefront of science. New emphasis has been given to complexity, networks, and patterns of organisation leading to a novel kind of ‘systemic’ thinking. This volume integrates the ideas, models, and theories underlying the systems view of life into a single coherent framework.




Conversations around the Vine of the Soul

17 july 14 | Razam, The Ayahuasca Sessions
This companion volume to the author’s memoir Aya Awakenings, Australian journalist Rak Razam documents the thriving business of 21st century Amazonian hallucinogenic shamanism from multiple perspectives, revealing the stark differences between indigenous and foreign approaches as well as the commonalities.




The Medium and the Message

9 july 14 | Rock, The Survival Hypothesis
This anthology assembles a team of experts from the fields of psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, anthropology and neuroscience to examine critically the tentative statement or prediction that some aspect of our personhood (e.g., consciousness) persists subsequent to the death of the physical body.




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Death of the Car

eco | 1 sept 14 |  Eeva Haaramo, Norse Code
By 2025, the Finnish capital will have transformed its public transport network – with the help from some clever analytics and more.

I Contain Multitudes

mind | 1 sept 14 | Kat McGowan, Quanta Magazine
Your DNA is supposed to be your blueprint, your unique master code, identical in every one of your tens of trillions of cells. It is why you are you, indivisible and whole, consistent from tip to toe.

Rehearsing for the Future at Boom Festival

culture | 28 aug 14 | Sarah Levine, Reality Sandwich
We are seeing festival culture move beyond being merely a hedonistic playground and into a realm where radical engagement can occur. A recent pilgrimage made this clear.


mind | 27 aug 14 | Peter Russell, YouTube
Seven different perspectives on Oneness.

Should we have a right not to work?

culture | 25 aug 14 | John Danaher, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Voltaire once said that “work saves a man from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.” Many people endorse this sentiment. But what about the right not to work? A philosophical disquisition.

Feeling Groovy

mind | 25 aug 14 | David Pearce, YouTube
Discussion on mental health in the third millennium, MDMA and beyond.

It’s not magic, it’s quantum mechanics

mind | 19 aug 14 | Luis R. Valadez, Learning Mind
Our human brains trick us into believing in the idea of separation when in truth, nothing is truly separated.

The first smile

life | 19 aug 14 | Michael Graziano, Aeon
Why do laughter, smiles and tears look so similar? Perhaps because they all evolved from a single root.

Over 10 000 reptiles logged

life | 13 aug 14 | Sathya Achia Abraham, Eric Peters, Virginia Commonwealth University
As of this year, scientists have named and described over 10 000 reptiles, marking a new milestone in cataloging one of the most diverse vertebrate groups.

Better to give than to receive

mind | 13 aug 14 | University of Tuebingen, ScienceDaily
Personality plays an important role in knowledge exchange. Givers share more important knowledge than takers, according to a recent study.

2 Billion Trees, 300 000 Jobs

eco | 7 aug 14 | Michael Graham Richard, treehugger
India’s Rural Development Ministry has decided to try to tackle two problems at the same time: Youth unemployment and bad air quality. It has unveiled a plan to hire up to 300 000 youths to plant 2 billion trees along the country’s highways.

Spiritual Growth and Psychedelics

mind | 7 aug 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Spiritual maturity requires a regular process or practice of some type to bring the essence of wisdom that a psychedelic experience offers into one’s life as a whole.

Beauty Will Save the World

culture | 1 aug 14 |  J. F. Martel, Reality Sandwich
Art doesn’t begin when you realize that you have something to say. It begins at the hour when there is nothing left to say, when everything has been said, when what must be said is unspeakable. It is a way to the sacred.

Praise them!

life | 1 aug 14 | Carlin Flora, Aeon
Everyone thinks that too much praise can turn children into entitled monsters but the science isn’t nearly that simple.

The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting

science | 25 july 14 | Carl Zimmer, Quanta Magazine
Newly discovered patterns in evolution may help scientists make accurate short-term predictions.

Touched By The Tremendum

mind | 25 july 14 | Terence McKenna, Reality Club Archives
A talk from and an interview from 27 March 1990, with one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism and a fixture of popular counterculture.

Wild Ride Ahead

culture | 21 july 14 | Dick Pelletier, Instititute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Imagine if you could jump into a parallel universe where another you is living a more exciting life than yours; and you could swap places if you like. Glimpse at humanity’s long range future.

Organic food is better for you

eco | 21 july 14 | Carlo Leifert, Cambridge University Press
In the largest study of its kind, an international team of experts finds significant differences between organic and non-organic food.

Quantum Physics As Spiritual Path

science | 17 july 14 | Paul Levy, Reality Sandwich
Science is the wisdom tradition par excellence of our modern age. Quantum physics can be likened to a genuine spiritual path in that its study becomes a “royal road” beyond both physics and the physical dimension into the realm of metaphysics.

Atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke

mind | 17 july 14 | Nury Vittachi, Science 2.0
Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged.


life | 14 july 14 | Gaia Vince, BBC
Is our species evolving into something new? Is a new superorganism taking over Earth. A provocative argument that humanity is transforming, already having a huge effect on life on our planet.

Biological basis for magic mushroom ‘mind expansion’

mind | 14 july 14 | Francesca Davenport, Imperial College London
New research shows that our brain displays a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during mind-expanding drug trips with psilocybin or the chemically related LSD.

What Have Germs Ever Done for Us?

life | 9 july 14 |  Andrew Beattie, MAHB
On an individual level they regulate the development and physiology of our bodies while on a global level they underpin our food supply and provide the basic resources for many industries essential to human wellbeing.

I Am the Knowing of All Experience

mind | 9 july 14 | Peter Russell, YouTube
Exploring the question “Who am I?” What is known may change, but the knower, the true Self, never does.

Life’s Restlessness

life | 4 july 14 | Addy Pross, Aeon
Why does life resist disorder? Because ever since the first replicating molecules, another kind of stability has beckoned.

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The Ridge

Filmed by Anson Fogel in the Denali National Park for the movie The Sanctity of Space, directed by Freddie Wilkinson and Renan Ozturk, music by HECQ, "Above" from the album NightFalls.

We Were Never Born

For lover of both bikes and literature, Jack Kerouac’s words from 1957 have been transformed into a magnificent commercial, with beautifully curated music by Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash.

The Moment of Beauty

An fascinating short film by Japanese artist Takayuki Sato and friends.

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GRB Suite
An astronomer and a graphic artist have teamed up to turn powerful explosions in distant galaxies into spellbinding psychedelic music and – good to see – animations.


The Yoga of Psi
Yogic siddhis, paranormal research, and the stange sociology of science: a talk with Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author.

The Song of the Butterfly
An improvisation by Hungarian musicians Istvan Sky Kék Ég, Estas Tonne, Pablo Arellano, and Indrė Kuliešiūtė.

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