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The Down Town Association
New York City |  10 – 13 October 2019

Expanding Psychedelic Medicine: MAPS Benefit Dinner
New York City | 12 October 2019

Frontiers in Psychedelic Science: Translating REBUS: Implications and new evidence of belief updating under psychedelics with Hannes Kettner, M.Res
Neuropsychologist, Imperial College London
Zürich Uni | 28 October 2019, 18:30 – 19:45, KOL-F-118

Psychedelic Science Summit
Austin, Texas | 2 – 3 November 2019

good to hear

And I Like Your Feathers
Binker Golding
London’s Binker Golding is a masterful saxophonist and composer. «Since 2015, Golding has shaken up British jazz with a series of wild and adventurous albums. Three of these were made with the drummer Moses Boyd in the semi-free duo Binker and Moses — Dem Ones (2015), Journey To The Mountain Of Forever (2017) and Alive In The East? (2018. Most recently, Golding tore the rulebook into even smaller pieces on Ex Nihilo (ByrdOut, 2019), recorded live with the keyboardist Elliot Galvin.» (Chris May) Binker knows the entire gamut of emotions involved in soulful and melodious jazz, a tradition recorded for over a century now, of which he is a worthy representative. Great stuff!
Gearbox Records, August 2019

Three Chords and the Truth: Dark Night of the Soul
Van Morrison
Van the Man is back once more: «Three Chords and the Truth… continues a particularly prolific period for Morrison, marking his sixth album in four years. Last year, he released two albums, The Prophet Speaks and You’re Driving Me Crazy, while he also released a pair of records in 2017, Roll With The Punches and Versatile.» (Rolling Stone) No doubt Van Morrison has written a slew of unforgettable songs that have won the hearts of countless fans, of which I have been one ever since Astral WeeksMoondanceVeedon FleeceTupelo Honey and others among a total of more than 40 albums. Sir Van Morrison has one of the most unique voices in R&B and Soul. Follow the link and just keep on listening, they keep them coming. (sgs)
Exile/Caroline Inernational, October 2019

All Mirrors
Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen is a singer-songwriter and musician from St.Louis, Missouri. This is her fourth album. She has a great voice, loves fantastic and sometimes bombastic orchestrations, and her lyrics are something else! Her song «Windows» was featured in the final episode of 13 Reasons Why (Netflix), and she has collaborated with many of indie’s finest such as Bonnie «Prince» Billy, The Cairo Gang, Tim Kinsella of Capt’n Jazz, LeRoy Wilson of Wilco and others. As a young adult, Olsen turned to music via punk rock, noise music and Christian Rock. She began learning the piano and the guitar and writing her own music.
Jagjaguwar, October 2019

Colorado: Milky Way
Neil Young with Crazy Horse
Colorado was mainly recorded live in the studio in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It it the first album the «godfather of grunge» realized with Crazy Horse since 2012. As with every Neil Young release, the resulting audio quality is simply stunning and sounds like personally being in the studio with the band while recording. «Milky Way» ist he Lead single. The present members of Crazy Horse are: Neil Young (guitars, vocals, piano, vibes, harmonica), Nils Lofgren (guitars, vocals, pump organ), Ralph Molina (drums, vocals), and Billy Talbot (bass, vocals). The new single sounds exactly as one would imagine; the Canadian songwriter’s voice has aged amazingly well for a life on the road. (sgs)
Reprise Records, October 2019

Open Reduction Internal Fixation: All The Things
Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii are a Canadian electronic ambient pop music duo from Montreal, made up of Raphaelle «Ra» Standell-Preston and Alex «Agor» Kerby (also known as Alexander Cowan). They have released an EP, Blooming Summer (2010) and two studio albums, Untogether (2013) and Tenderness (2017. Both albums were nominated for the Juno Award for Eectronic Album of the Year. Arbutus Records is a cooperative label set up to promote members of a music and artistic community in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood. The two musicians performed in Montreal, at times with other members of the collective. (Wikipedia)
Arbutus Records, October 2019

goodnews editorial

Psychedelic substances such as LSD, psilocybin or ayahuasca have been witnessing a renaissance for some years now. Their therapeutic benefits, the risks of recreational use or so-called microdosing are widely and impartially discussed in the press. Michael Pollan’s book How to change your mind, about his experiences with psychoactive substances, is a bestseller in the USA and Europe. Some people spend years dealing with difficult and unresolved aspects of their psychedelic experiences and feel the need to discuss their experiences with an expert. Therefore, the Gaia Media Foundation in cooperation with the Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Therapy (SÄPT) will offer counselling and support in connection with experiences caused by psychedelics as of November 1, 2019. The counselling is ideologically and methodically «neutral». The Gaia Media Foundation also offers advice on (criminal) legal issues in connection with the use of these illegal substances. This ranges from short telephone calls, e.g. questions regarding the effects and side effects of substances, to two to three consultations. If this time frame is not sufficient, the counsellors will provide further assistance. The free telephone consultation is limited to 20 minutes. After that the counsellors are recommended to come for a personal consultation. For questions concerning cannabis, opiates, cocaine or amphetamines, contact existing counselling centres. The name of the counsellor as well as the content of the counselling will be treated confidentially.

Your Gaia Media Foundation

The passion

Is still flourishing in the branches
Yellow funny and daring red
The sun warms even in the days
Where the fog
Stubbornly in the morning
From a distance
A woodpecker knocks
Is the enemy of beauty

Kristian Goldmund Aumann

good to read

How To Be An Antiracist

Ibram X Kendi
Using his extraordinary gifts as a teacher and story-teller, Kendi helps us recognise that everyone is, at times, complicit in racism whether they realise it or not, and by describing with moving humility his own journey from racism to antiracism, he shows us how instead to be a force for good. Along the way, Kendi punctures all the myths and taboos that so often cloud our understanding, from arguments about what race is and whether racial differences exist to the complications that arise when race intersects with ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. In the process he demolishes the myth of the post-racial society and builds from the ground up a vital new understanding of racism – what it is, where it is hidden, how to identify it and what to do about it.
Penguin, August 2019

We Are The Weather. Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

Jonathan Safran Foer 
Climate crisis is the single biggest threat to human survival. And it is happening right now. We all understand that time is running out – but do we truly believe it? And, caught between the seemingly unimaginable and the apparently unthinkable, how can we take the first step towards action, to arrest our race to extinction? We can begin with our knife and fork. The link between farming animals and the climate crisis is barely discussed, because giving up our meat-based diets feels like an impossible task. But we don’t have to go cold turkey. Cutting out animal products for just part of the day is enough to change the world. Jonathan Safran Foer presents the essential debate of our time as no one else could, bringing it to vivid and urgent life and offering us all a much-needed way out.
Penguin, September 2019

On Fire.The Burning Case for a New Green Deal

Naomi Klein
For more than twenty years, Naomi Klein has been the foremost chronicler of the economic war waged on both people and planet—and an unapologetic champion of a sweeping environmental agenda with justice at its center. In lucid, elegant dispatches from the frontlines of contemporary natural disaster, she pens surging, indispensable essays for a wide public: prescient advisories and dire warnings of what future awaits us if we refuse to act, as well as hopeful glimpses of a far better future. On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal gathers more than a decade of her impassioned writing, and pairs it with new material on the staggeringly high stakes of our immediate political and economic choices. An expansive exploration that sees the battle for a greener world as indistinguishable from the fight for our lives.
Simon & Schuster, September 2019

The Year of the Monkey

Patti Smith
Following a run of New Year’s concerts at San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore, Patti Smith finds herself tramping the coast of Santa Cruz, about to embark on a year of solitary wandering. Unfettered by logic or time, she draws us into her private wonderland with no design, yet heeding signs–including a talking sign that looms above her, prodding and sparring like the Cheshire Cat. In February, a surreal lunar year begins, bringing with it unexpected turns, heightened mischief, and inescapable sorrow. In a stranger’s words, «Anything is possible: after all, it’s the Year of the Monkey.» For Patti the year evolves as one of reckoning with the changes in life’s gyre: with loss, aging, and a dramatic shift in the political landscape of America.
Simon & Schuster, September 2019

Face it (My Story)

Debbie Harry
Musician, actor, activist, and celebrated beauty, Debbie Harry, the front woman of Blondie, has collaborated, as a muse, with some of the boldest artists of the past four decades. The scope of her impact on our culture has been matched only by her reticence to reveal her rich inner life—until now. In an arresting mix of visceral, soulful storytelling and visuals including new photographs, bespoke illustrations and fan art installations, Face It upends the standard music memoir while delivering a prismatic portrait. With all the grit, grime, and glory recounted in intimate detail, Face It re-creates the downtown scene of 1970s New York City, where Blondie played alongside the Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop and David Bowie.
Harper Collins, October 2019

good to know

life |  Guardian, 1 September 2019
Bicycles for refugees and others

life | NYT, 1 September 2019
Ram Dass interview

nature | Guardian, 2 September 2019
Cockatoos open wheelies and turn on taps

Artificial enamel
science | Futurism, 3 September 2019
Chinese scientists create gel to fix teeth

psychoactive | NYT, 4 September 2019
Johns Hopkins Uni opens Center for Psychedelic Studies

Stroke relief
science | MACH, 5 September 2019
Tiny robot to clean cerebral blood vessels

nature | CNN, 5 September 2019
Squirrels take their clues from birds

culture | BPS Research Digest, 9 September 2019
How to be more creative (podcast)

science | Futurism, 10 September 2019
Brain implants to make us telepathic

science | Mach, 12 September 2019
Universe rather younger?

Legal weed
psychoactive | Merry Jane, 13 September 2019
150’000 move to Colorado

Benefits of CBD
science | Guardian, 14 September 2019
More and better studies needed

Spaced out
life | MACH, 14 September 2019
First space hotel to open 2022

science | Physorg, 16 September 2019
Largest neutrino to date

psychoactive | Psy Post, 18 September 2019
Persistent improvement in life satisfaction and psycho-pathology tested

psychoactive | Forbes, 19 September 2019
Victims of the war on drugs to be compensated.

psychoactive | Quartz, 19 September 2019
The world’s first research center for mushrooms in Jamaica

psychoactive | Guardian, 25 September 2019
Cannabis in Canberra

nature | Mongabay, 25 September 2019
Benefits of protecting and restoring intact forests by Lauren E. Oakes

good to meet

The Five Percent Challenge
is an invitation to join an open collaborative action plan to cut GHG emissions from the mobility sector in cities by 5% in the first year

The Limina Foundation
supports «the betwixt and between states of conciousness, where transformation, change and renewal takes place. This awakening can occur in the individual, the community and the culture at large.»


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