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Distant Light
The Hollies
«The Hollies continued to tread water as the early ’70s progressed. Distant Light offered nothing particularly new or unexpected, but the harmonies and songwriting remained at a high enough standard to refute any accusations of decline. Too pop for the album-oriented audience, and not light and frothy enough for the pop market, it would have been totally overlooked if not for the surprise success of the Creedence Clearwater Revival soundalike Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress. Released in the States almost as an afterthought, it became (deservedly) their biggest American hit, reaching number two. Its success inspired the return of Allan Clarke to the fold, after he had left the group to briefly pursue a solo career.» (Richie Unterberger)
Epic, 1972

Distant Light
Violin Concerto by Peteris Vasks
Marc Bouchkov, violin, directed by Michael Guttman, Moscow Soloists Chamber Orchestra 
In a single-movement canvas of nearly forty minutes’ duration, Latvian composer Peteris Vasks (1946) traverses motions from bare-faced rage and serene contemplation to icy despair, achieving a vast, uneasy quietude at the close (‘a sense of light-filled sorrow,’ in the composer’s words). Stylistic echoes are plentiful: Shostakovich, Kancheli, Górecki and Pärt; folk-music, birdsong and hymnody are further ingredients in this approachable cocktail set to repeat the popular and critical success of Voices, its hugely effective 1991 predecessor for string orchestra. Here, Belgian violinist Marc Bouchov (shown here) plays the 1865 «Cheremetoff» J.B Vuillaume, on generous loan from Brigitte Feldtmann in Hamburg. (Grammophon)
GJHS Music, 2018

Distant Light
Charles Fenckler
Born in Le Mans, Charles André aka Charles Fenckler is a young French producer and the latest artist to join the well-known Scottish Soma techno and house label. «Passionate about electronic music from a young age, he has matured into a full-fledged producer composer of an interesting style of Techno gliding between deep and melodic dub infused Techno, integrating influences stretching between Detroit and Berlin, and drawing inspiration from such icons as Juan Atkins, Dereck May and Shed.» (Resident Advisor)
Soma Records, 2018

Distant Light
Psychedelic Sun’s
The album Distant Light is a studio recording in the Psychedelic/Space Rock/Progressive Rock tradition. The Finnish one-man band Psychedelic Sun’s was founded by Alex Hahn in Tampere, in 2015. He likes to experiment with varying instruments as well as singing. The songs are recorded at his home studio in one take to make them sound more like live music. This is the fourth album of the solo musician, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd or Santana.
Aumega Project, 2018

Distant Light
This is the second track on Manoevres, the new album of the soulful French drum & base performer and producer Robin Leclair, better know by his artist name, Naibu. Having grown up in the suburbs of Paris, Naibu started his journey through music as a child who loved The Beatles. Later he fell in love with sampled music, and abstract hiphop in particular. He spent many hours listening to other people’s music before drum n base came to him, around 2000. Once he was introduced to a sequencer by a friend, there was no turning back. Robin Leclair is one of the most important figures in this field, whose work distinguishes itself by a scarcity of flourish and a lyric romanticism that is usually missing in the drum n base community
Cold dimensions, 2018

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