february 2019 – good to hear

istant Light
Massive Hang featuring Victoria Grebecz and Morgan Davenport
One more time! The founding members of Hang Massive are Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat, followers of the Buddhist movement Balanced View. They met on the shores of Goa, where for many years they passed the winter months enjoying the enlivening and creative vibe flourishing there each season. From India they journeyed back to England, where they began living and playing music together in the historic town of Bath. Despite having been on the scene for many years, Hang Massive promotes a fresh and warm sound, unfettered by commercial demands, and here accompanied by the alluring voice of Victoria Grebrecz.
Hang Music, January 2016

Down the Road Wherever
Mark Knopfler
Created in his own studio in West London, Down the Road Wherever is Mark Knopfler’s ninth solo album. His mellow, laid-back sound reveals a melancholy musician singing «unhurriedly elegant (…) songs inspired by a wide range of subjects», as the press release states. It speaks of men on the drift. «At this point in his career, Knopfler tends to be most affecting in the former role, as the sensitive English balladeer with a knack for writing about the haunting, pervasive effects of memory and remembrance. Indeed, as he pushes 70, Knopfler has become newly reflective, from the personalised history of the Celtic-lilted One Song At A Time to the wistfully nostalgic highlight Good on You Son». (Rolling Stone) Great guitar solos!
Grove Records, November 2018

Que Volà?
Calle Luz
«Que Vola? (What’s up?) is a group composed of three Cuban percussionists and a French jazz septet. It is a marriage between the youthful energy and virtuosity of both nations, underpinned by spiritual and ritualistic afro-cuban rhythms.When the trombonist Fidel Fourneyron visited the country that inspired his first name in 2012, he wasn’t sure what he would find. After meeting three young percussionists (Adonis Panter Calderon, Barbaro Crespo Richard, Ramon Tamayo Martinez), he returned to France inspired to delve deeper into the spiritual heritage of afro-cuban music. An idea gripped him: what if the power of ancient ritual were to be wrapped in the poetry of John Coltrane?» (Jazz World)
No Format, November 2018

Un autre blanc
Salif Keita, featuring Angélique Kidjo, Alpha Blondy and others
This is the – alleged – swan song of one of the greatest voices in African music. It belongs to a man born, in the late fifties, in the village of Djoliba in the province of Mandé, in Mali. As a person with albinism, «a white man with the deep soul of Black Africa», he had to leave his homeland to escape from a society that was denying him his full rights as a human being. A prodigal son, he came back triumphant, having performed around the world, «perching», like he says «on the bird of Knowledge, Lony, where the rocks thrown by mean people cannot reach you». His latest album is designed for a western audience and more commercial then his other works. But Keito’s voice never disappoints: it carries us to the African dreamscape of our hearts and minds. (sgs)
Naiv, Dezember 2018

Love and Shadow
Ean Golden featuring Jen Siah, Tulsi Bagnoli, Yemanjo, Layla El Khadri, JJ Jeffries, Daniel Miller and Richard Haughten
This is the first ecstatic dance album Ean and friends give us in over fifteen years. It starts with a dirge accompanied by throat singing, leads us down a lane where drums beckon, and the rhythm subtly picks up. «Love and Shadow is a complete journey of original music spanning several genres, styles and moods, designed to evoke specific feelings and movements felt on an ecstatic dance floor. His album was made for dancing, to bring people into their inner journey». (Evensi) Ean Golden is a  progressive performance DJ who has played a major role in the development of digital dj-ing throughout the world
Golden Apple, January 2019

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