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Consciousness precedes being – without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness a more humane society will not emerge.
Vaclav Havel

gaiamedia is a non-profit organization established in Basel on 23 July 1993, which communicates information leading to a holistic understanding of nature and human life.

A radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness might be the only real hope we have in the current global crisis brought on by the dominance of the Western mechanistic paradigm.
Stanislav Grof

The exploitation of Earth, the technical progress, and the steadily faster changing ecological and social conditions continue to endanger our environment and our existence. This rapid global trend confronts us with an unprecedented challenge of hitherto unknown complexity and urgency. A change of consciousness is needed – a better world is possible.

There is nothing wrong about this world. Wrong is simplky the way we are looking at it.
Henry Miller

We investigate good news, positive developments, and meaningful insights from various sources. We are convinced that a mindful and respectful acting in cooperation with our fellow human beings and in harmony with nature is desirable and that it will enable all of us a fair, peaceful and fulfilling life.

To understand the evolution of consciousness one has to hold on the evolution of the ability to learn.
Julian Jaynes

On our website and in a monthly electronic goodnewsletter we present a selection of enjoyable information, readable publications as well as links to helpful initiatives and organizations.

Who thinks sharp, becomes a pessimist, who thinks deep becomes an optimist.
Henri Bergson

We kindly invite you to support our present activities and future projects by to becoming a Sponsor or to make a Donation. Thank you very much.

Evolving our consciousness is not something we do only for ourselves – it is something we also do for others…for all others, and for the earth.
Ervin Laszlo

Until 2009 Gaia Bazar in Basel offered literature about various aeras of life and spheres of knowledge, from Ayahuasca to Zen. At the Gaia Lounge interested people joined for discussions or visited lectures about this kind topics.

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Albert Hofmann in 2006, we organized under the title “The Spirit of Basel” the international Symposium “LSD – Problem Child and Wonder Drug” ( Followed two years later by the “World Psychedelic Forum” (

Until 2006 “gaiamedianews” was a printed Newsletter. Then we introduced the electronic GoodNewsLetter which in the meantime reaches readers from over 50 countries.

board of directors

Kerim Seiler
Performing artist.

Dr. iur. Alexander Suter
Head of the social department of the Christoph Merian Foundation CMS, member of the Eidgenössischen Kommission für Familienfragen EKFF. He is a member of the board of trustees for the Gaia Media Foundations since the end of 2022 and also the proprietary of the premises at Hochstrasse 70 in Basel.

Marion Neumann
Film, Installations, Performance. Her artistic work is moving at the frontiers of science, poesie and contemporary arts, social topics.
As a founding member of the Psychedelic Society Switzerland (eleusis-society) she stands for an improved understanding of psychonautics and the integration of experiences with altered states of consciousness. She is a member of the board of trustees since the end of 2022.


Susanne G. Seiler
Susanne G. Seiler is the mother of Kerim Seiler and has been part of the Gaia Media Foundation and Sphinx Verlag for many years. She was editor of Sphinx Magazine and has been in charge of the newsletter gaiamedia goodnews in German and English since August 2017.

Jonas Hässig
Following his studies in Cultural Studies (B.A.) and History and Philosophy of Knowledge (M.A.) he startet his company Sajon GmbH, which stands for the conservation and the creating of access to mind moving knowlege and entheogenic information. Along these lines he is also the managing director of the Gaia Media Foundation. He is currently a student of information sciences and strives for the goal of becoming a quasi-scientific librarian of psychonautics.

former board of directors

Dieter Hagenbach
Founder and President, founder and former director of Sphinx Verlag, former literary agent. Co-author of “Mystic Chemist – The Life of Albert Hofmann and His Discovery of LSD”. Obituary

Lucius Werthmueller
Co-Founder, president of the Basel Psi-Association, project manager of the Basel Psi-Days. Co-author of “Mystic Chemist – The Life of Albert Hofmann and His Discovery of LSD”.

Albert Hofmann, PhD
Chemist, discoverer of LSD, was a member of the board until his death on 29th April 2008. Obituary

Dr. Pierre Joset
Co-founder of the Gaia Media Foundation, lawyer, initiator of social and cultural projects, member of the Board of Trustees from 2017-2022.

Michael Gasser
Bio-chemist, former director of Gaia Bazar and Gaia Lounge

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