dezember 2018 – good to hear

Ritmos del Sur
El Búho – Mix – Great Northern Forests Shambala Mixtape
Sounds of the rain forest, flutes, and melodious xylophone beats alternate to make for relaxing and inspiring tapestry with a touch of drum ’n base. More than 100 minutes of Andean dance & trance music, subtle and lovely.
Club rhythms, July 2018

Duduk Meditation – Memories of Caucasus (Armenian Flute)
Mediative music of the first order with the full sound of the duduk flute adding local color and sentiment. «Traditional Armenian folk music as well as Armenian church music is not based on the European tonal system but on a system of tetrachords. The last note of one tetrachord also serves as the first note of the next tetrachord – which makes a lot of Armenian folk music more or less based on a theoretically endless scale. The duduk is an ancient double-reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood.» (Wikipidia) It sounds somewhat like a double horn. The earliest instruments similar to the duduk’s present form are made of bone or entirely of cane. Famous dudk players are Armen Grigoryan, Levon Minassian, Djivan Gasparyan or Arsen Petrosyan
Greenman Valley, September 2018

Aterciopelados – Dúo
Aterciopelados (The Velvety Ones) is made up of Andrea Echeverri and Héctor Buitrago, and one of the first Columbian bands to gain international success. Their music fuses rock with a variety of Colombian and Latin American musical traditions.  Andrea, born 1965, is the lead singer and guitarrist of the group (and a ceramicist): «It’s possible to chart the development of Latin Alternative music by following the career of Andrea Echeverri.» (Felix Contreras) Héctor Buitrago came from a hard core rock band and played in Bogota’s sole rock venue where Andrea had been drawn by tips from art school friends. Their musical partnership is hugely succesful, and both artists have also produced solo albums.
National records, November 2018

The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (How Strange)
This state of the art video by the folk rock band HU shows the vast expanse of the Mongolian landscape and is a testomony to band’s love of their country, as ist he Mongolian thoat singing this song is intersperced with. As so often in Mongolian music, horses are also present, and you can hear them in the beat. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information about the band and its charismatic lead singer but Yuve Yuve Yu is definitely an exotic earworm!

Matterhorn Project
Featuring singing cows and tingling bells, yodeling and alpine horns, all supported by an infectious Eighties disco-beat and a slightly spaced-out sense of humour, MUH! by Matterhorn Project is unique in pop history. The track stormed the Swiss and international charts in 1985 and got known and loved for its sense of comedy and tongue-in-cheek citing of Swiss clichés. MUH! is also known as the «moo song» in South Africa, Japan and other parts of the world and the French call it «meuh». In the same year musicians PJ & the late Stella Wassermann produced another album called Matterhorn Project, and it made the charts in Switzerland too and contained another top ten hit called Yo-Lollo-Diuh, the first yodeling disco track ever. The link leads to the remix.
PJ Wassermann, November 2018

november 2018 – good to hear

Gábor Szabó 
Gábor István Szabó (1936 – 1982) was a Hungarian American guitarist whose style incorporated jazz, pop, rock and Gypsy music. After attending the Berklee College of Music, Szabó became a member of a quintet that was led by Chico Hamilton and included Charles Lloyd, playing what has been described as chamber jazz. Szabó was influenced by the rock music of the 1960s, particularly the use of feedback. The song “Gypsy Queen” from Szabó’s debut solo album Spellbinder became a hit for rock guitarist Carlos Santana. During the late 1960s, Szabó started the label Skye Records with Gary McFarland and Cal Tjader. He continued being drawn to more popular music in the 1970s and regularly performed in California, combining elements of Gypsy and Indian music with jazz, returning regularly to Hungary to perform. It was there that he died just short of his 46th birthday. (Wikipedia)
Skye Records, 1968

Yoko Ono
85-year-old Yoko is always radical. Then there is that voice of hers, as Japanese as it is haunting. Yoko is always courageous, an artist who acted things out when nobody knew what a performance was, who conceives herself and everything she does as a total work of art, with a consequence only few can afford, let alone live. When Yoko Ono married John Lennon, it was fine by me. In Toronto, she spent a week in bed with my favorite Beatle at Rochedale College, where I also happened to live. With Klaus Voormann and the Plastic Ono Band, at the famous Rock & Roll Revival, she performed the entire act screaming in a bag. I thought it was groovy. The rest is history. Here we are dealing with a fabulous late work. Bravo! (sgs)
Sony Music, Juli 2018

Wanderer – Stay
Cat Power
Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall (1972), better known by her stage name Cat Power, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, occasional actress and model. Cat Power was originally the name of Marshall’s first band, but has become her stage name as a solo artist. Wanderer is her tenth studio album. She says: «The course my life has taken in this journey – going from town to town, with my guitar, telling my tale; with reverence to the people who did this generations before me, folk singers, blues singers, and everything in between. They were all wanderers, and I am lucky to be among them». Marshall broke with cycles of substance abuse and stage fright in 2012 and has reinvented herself many times.
Domino Records, October 2018

La Fenice (trailer + other pieces)
Keith Jarrett
This double album, long anticipated, presents Keith Jarrett’s concert at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, from July 2006. La Fenice (the phoenix) finds him channeling the flow of inspiration into a suite of eight spontaneously created pieces referencing everything from the blues to atonality. From the first flurry of notes, it is a consistently captivating journey. Between Part
VI and Part VII, Jarrett surprisingly but very touchingly segues into «The Sun Whose Rays», from Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera The Mikado. Encores are the traditional tune «My Wild Irish Rose», previously recorded by Jarrett on The
Melody At Night With You, the timeless standard Stella By Starlight. The concert ends with a tender version of Keith’s tune «Blossom».
ECM, October 2018

The Gypsy Fairy Queen
Marianne Faithfull
Since her latest record, Negative Capability, featuring Nick Cage, will only be released on November 2nd, here is the lead single. Faithfull has promised that her twenty-first album, the most honest to date, will have a «folky» feel. «Marianne has long been unsurpassed when it comes to reinterpreting other people’s songs, gifted in making them her own as she digs into the words to grip the composition’s heart, then provides her own unique spin by injecting every syllable with clearly enunciated but a gut level emotional response. Even if she wasn’t yet aware of it, this process started with As Tears Go By as she plugged into its character looking back at her life. The album emphasises her unique place as a force of nature in the beating heart of modern music». (Total Entertainment)
Panta Rei, September & November 2018

october 2018 – good to hear

European Heartbreak
Amber Arcades
Born on 15 December 1988 as Annelotte de Graaf, the Dutch singer-songwriter from Utrecht holds a master’s degree in law and worked as an assistant for the war crimes tribunal at the United Nations. Her music career began when she recorded an album in New York City, funded by money she had saved since her teenage years, and attracted the attention of Heavenly Recordings, leading to her début album, Fading Lines, in June 2016. European Heartbreak is her second. About its first track, Simple Song, Amber says: «This music video forms part 2 of a trilogy which tells a modern European (love) story, touching on various thoughts and feelings that inspired my new record. Using the medium of film to tell this story ties it to one of the central ideas of the record, which is the essential nature of storytelling in understanding our lives».
Heavenly Recordings, April 2018

Elephants on Acid
Cypress Hill
The first track of the first new release of Cypress Hill after nine years, and their ninth album, was filmed in Cairo and displays an oriental touch but every track on this far out „hallucinogenic“ album is different and features unexpected visual ideas and effects performed on a great variety of instruments. «Full of sitars, guitars, organs, Nuggets-rhythms and vinyl crackle, Elephants, is a bad trip of 1967-72 imagery; a hip-hop blunt rolled on vintage rock’s gatefold vinyl sleeves. Muggs says there’s only one sample on the record – courtesy of Japanese smooth jazz group Hiroshima – and the rest was played by musicians and the producer himself». (Rolling Stone) As good and as humorous as ever.
BMG, August 2018

An American Treasure (4 CD Box Set) – Keep a Little Soul
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
After Tom Petty’s death, about a year ago, his wife and daughter and his bandmates, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, discovered a wealth of unreleased material in Petty’s archives, mostly from concerts. We are presented with a posthumous Best Of of the unassuming and prolific rock musician. Born in Florida in 1950, Thomas Earl Petty was a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record-producer and actor. Best known as the lead singer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, he was also a founding member of the supergroup The Travelling Wilburys featuring himself, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra. This track shows us a mischievous Petty, on stage in the seventies.
Reprise Records, Juli 2018

Frédéric D. Oberland
Born on 18 August 1978, the French musician, photographer, artist, multi-instrumentalist and experimenter tackles every instrument that he comes across with the same passion (fender rhodes, harmonium, banjo, found objects, toy instruments, saxophone, theremin, pantophone, computer music). As a composer and musician he has collaborated with a wide range of talent. Since 2009, much of his time has been devoted to a project entitled FareWell Poetry, a collective comprised of Parisian musicians and the poet/filmmaker Jayne Amara Ross. Attracting attention from their first live performance, this experimental film / poetry / music related project has since performed in film festivals, churches, concert halls and other experimental acoustic spaces, inviting a wide-range of musicians to join them.
VoxVox 2015

Henry Dutilleux – Symphonie No. 1
Orchestre national de Lille with Jean-Claude Casadeus
First recorded by the National Orchestra of the city of Lilly, in 1977, it was one of the first orchestrations in a series of French and other orchestras to render this wonderful modern classical composition by Henry Dutilleux, composed in 1951 for 85 instrumentalists. Dutilleux (1916-2013) came from a family that produced several artists and scientists. Mainly active in the second half of the twentieth century (between Messiaen and Boulez), he worked as Head of Music Production for Radio France from 1945 to 1963 and out of his studio on the Île St.Louis in Paris. Among his works we find sonatas, chamber and piano music, vocal compositions, music for ballet and theatre or film scores. He also arranged other people’s music. Dutilleux’ 1st symphony is about half an hour long and written in four movements: 1. Passacaglia; 2. Scherzo molto vivace; 3. Intermezzo; 4 Finale con variazioni.
Naxos Classics, 1977

september 2018 – good to hear

Enta Omri (You are My Life)
Umm Kulthum
Born as Fatima Ibrāhīm as-Sayyid al-Biltāǧī on an uncertain date (December 31, 1898 or May 4, 1904 – February 3, 1975) in a small village in the Nile Delta, Umm Kulthum was an internationally renowned Egyptian singer, songwriter and film actress active from the 1920s to the 1970s She equalled Aretha Frankling or Ella Fitzgerald not only in popularity but also in the range of her voice as well as in her emotionally expressive way of singing. The ‚Star of the Orient’ (Kawkab El Sharq) was an icon far beyond her native Egypt. Here we hear her accompanied by a classical Arabic orchestra comprising traditional as well as modern western instruments. Long introductions are habitual.
ca. 1965

Sardanapalo by Frantz Listz
How Liszt’s Lost Opera was Rescued
Based upon a narrative originally written by Lord Byron, as well as a painting by Delacroix, and another unexpected recent discovery in music after John Coltrane’s lost recording turned up (introduced in the August issue of our goodnews), Sardanapalo, a lost Opera by the mature Frantz Listz, transports the theme of war and peace to ancient Assyria, where the people are conspiring to overthrow the King. We don’t know why Liszt – far better known as a virtuoso pianist and symphonic poem composer whose celebrity status in Europe at the time led to the coining of the term Listzomania – failed to complete his only, wildly romantic opera.
Cambridge University, June 2018

Top 100 Brand New Country Songs and Hits
Great sound, crystal clear, accompanied by strong, melodious and convicing voices. We hear Scotty McCreery, who won the tenth season of American Idol, in May 2011, Keith Urban, an Australian with a strong career in the US these days, Jack Owen, from Florida, Clay Walker, from Texas and many more. They are all excellent and play the entire gamut of what I like in country music. But where are the ladies, Kayla Heeney? Does she know? It’s her compilation. 120 songs and not one woman’s voice! Or am I wrong?
Vevo & others, June 2018

Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation
Alex Rainbird is a one-man-industry – recently joined by his girlfriend. He started the Alex Rainbird Music youtube channel in the 2011 as a hobby while still in school. The channel currently receives around four million video views per months, deservedly so, I’d like to add. The sound promoted by alex is upbeat, varied and of high artistic quality. Even if you don’t like each and every track, you are going to find sounds that agree with you, and you will be introduced to music you might not have found by yourself – just like me, of course. There is a lot to chose from here.,  September 2018

Aphex Twin
Richard P. James is always good for s surprise – this time the hard and fast beats making up the core of this upcoming new production, meaning that the middle section of this track is extraordinary, the rest reminding us that we are listeining to Aphex Twin’s indiosycratic style of ambient music. It’s alter ego, Richard David James, was born in Ireland but grew up in the English countryside. He began publishing music at age 12, inspried by a prize he won the year before for a «composition», of which he says that was just diddling around, As meticoulous as always, Aphex Twin’s Collapse EP will be released digitally as well as on CD, cassette, vinyl, and a limited edition LP in a Procédé Heliophore silver foil sleeve.
Warp, September 2018

august 2018 – good to hear

The Prodigal Son
Ry Cooder
«In a very real sense then, The Prodigal Son lives up to its title, a return to his earliest archival sounds». (Lee Zimmerman) Whether playing folk rock with Taj Mahal in the sixties in the Rising Sons, as a member of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band on Safe As Milk, recording with Mali’s Ali Farka Touré, working with the Chieftains or gathering Cuban musicians to celebrate the island’s music as the Buena Vista Social Club, Cooder has showered our ears with unusual and delectable vibrations. The Prodigal Son takes him back to the beginning when he recorded old blues, gospel, folk, and swing tunes reflecting his musical past as an example of the historical present. Though not obviously so at first, Ry Cooder continues on the road of political involvement by inciting us to fight for justice while proving once more that there is no better rhythm guitarist.
Fantasy, May 2018

Both Directions at Once
John Coltrane
How lucky we are to be gifted with a full new album by the giant of jazz, based on recordings made at Rudy van Gelder’s legendary studio in Englewood Cliff, NJ, in 1963! The 14 track, two-disc album sounds as fresh as if it had been recorded yesterday, featuring John Coltrane’s classic quartet: McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass and Elvin Jones on drums. Next to previously released tracks such as Nature Boy and Impressions, it is entirely comprised of new material showing Coltrane at the height of his solo career and his brand of abstract, yet melodious jazz at the pinnacle of popularity and meaning. «Listening to Coltrane, particularly in his prime, in the nineteen-sixties, is among the best musical experiences that exist.» (Richard Brady)
Impulse, June 2018

Feels Like Summer & Summertime Magic
Childish Gambino
Part of a two-track package called Summer Park, these two new creations by Donald Glover, aka as Childish Gambino, highlight the exceptional vocal talent of the musician who might be seen as the successor of Marvin Gaye. They stand far apart from his last, highly political release This is America, which we introduced in our last goodnews. Summer Park was written and produced by Gambino and his longtime collaborator Ludwig Göransson as a promotional single announcing the release of his forthcoming album. Their breeziness and happy mood make these tracks ideal summer hits.

july 2018 – good to hear

Guitar Boy Superstar, Full Album
Victor Uwaifo 
«Prof. Sir Victor Uwaifo, born 1 March 1941, is a Nigerian musician, writer, sculptor and musical instrument inventor. He also served as commissioner for arts and culture in Edo State and records under the name Sir Victor Uwaifo». (Wikipedia) Known as the «Highlife Music Legend», he created a guitar with eighteen strings, which he also plays with his feet and even his tongue. The then 77-year-old musician made history in 1996 when he won the first Golden record in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa for his song Joromi. Uwaifo is currently the Chairman of Joromi Organization, a multi-track recording and television studio in Benin City and was recently inducted into the Living Human Treasure circles, an honour bestowed by UNESCO.

Get It Now Remix
Tiwa Savage ft. Omarion
Tiwatope Savage-Balogun, born 5 February 1980 in Lagos, better known by her stage name Tiwa Savage, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer and actress. When she was eleven years old, Tiwa’s parents had to relocate to London, and she went along with them. Tiwa also lived in the United States of America at some point. There, while she was in the High School, she was a highly active member of the school’s Orchestra band, where she played the trombone. Her life as a professional musician started at age of sixteen when she did back-up vocals for a number of artistes as well as building a strong career of her own in her native country.

At the Uprising Reggae Festival 2017
Nneka Egbuna, born 24 December 1980, sings in English, Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin. As a young singer she first gained public attention in 2004 while performing as an opening act for Dancehall Reggae at  Hamburg Stadtpark. After much acclaim, Nneka was given the opportunity to record her first album. She has performed all over Europe, Nigeria, Japan, South Africa and the US. Even though Nneka sings more than she raps, she names hip hop as her primary musical root and most important source of inspiration, while citing artists such as Fela Kuti and Bob Marley as well as contemporary rappers like Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Lauryn Hill as her primary influences. Nneka has also acted in several movies.

june 2018 – good to hear

This is America
Childish Gambino aka as Donald Grover 
The new video by Donald Grover has amassed 31 million clicks in 4 days. The satirical rendition of the black man’s plight in the USA over the last 200 years is a must see. Underscored by a fantastic choreography, Glover parodies gun violence and American racism, playing Jim Crow, stereotyping black musical performances and mimicking the police. Just great!
RCA Records

Recent «Mondialité» performance
Miho Hatori Compilation
Miho Hatori is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and musician, primarily known as the vocalist of the New York City group Cibo Matto. She is also known for her work with virtual band Gorillaz, as she is the first person to provide the voice of animated member Noodle. Here she has gifted us a compilation of preferred sounds ranging von minimal to classic.

Fatoumata Diawara 
Fatoumara is a Malian singer who currently lives in France. She has given  many European concerts as well as performing in South America, Asia and Australia and on multiple trips to the US. A movie star in France, she has continued to work in film, with numerous roles, appearances and musical input in a number of feature films, such as the seven César Awards winning and Academy Award nominated Timbuktu (2014). Her music is best described as a mix between African tradition and jazz.
World Circuit

may 2018 – good to hear

Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz
La Sandunga | Flor Amargo
Flor Amargo used to be a Mexican Rock band but soon went solo in the person of Mayté Carballo who won fame as the semi-finalist of La Voce, Mexico’s equivalent to The Voice. Her fresh and powerful sound from pop to electronics, imbued with the poetry of a contagious passion for life, is inspired by the great jazz stars of the Twenties and Forties to pure and simple rock and even a touch of cabaret and burlesque. Flor Amargo calls It Cathartic Pop, also known as sadbangers. She plays piano and keyboard, has been linked to music since she was very young and studied to be a classical pianist. “La Sandunga” is a traditional song from the region of Oaxaca.
Bleupelle Music

Chiquelo-Marco Mezquida
Chiquelo-Marco Mezquida
Chicuelo-Marco Mezquida is a duo of two Spanish musicians playing guitar and jazz piano. Goya award winner and brilliant soloist – Juan Gómez “Chicuelo” is one of the most famous and most innovative gitarist of the flamenco scene, Marco Mezquida an overwhelming musician with a unique style. Here we hear them at the Jazzahead 2017 in Cologne, where they gave a highly emotional concert. Flamenco serves as their base, from which they erupt into jazz, fusion and world music.
Live at Kölner Philharmonie

In My Blood
Shawn Mendes
Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter who launched his career five years ago by posting song covers on the video-sharing app Vine. He went on to become  one of five artists to ever debut at number one before the age of eighteen. As a philanthropist Mendes has raised consirable sums of money for various projects such as his, addressing low self-esteem, depression and awareness of self-harm, and he has been open about suffering from anxiety disorder, another cause for which he raises the awareness.
Island Records

Live at Berklee
Berklee Indian Ensemble ft Shankar Mahadevan
„With members from 42 countries to date, the Berklee Indian Ensemble provides an open and inclusive creative space for musicians from all over the world to explore, study, interpret, and create music influenced by the rich and varied mosaic that is Indian music today. From a Carnatic thillana or a high-adrenaline konnakol conversation to Indo-jazz experiments or qawwali, the ensemble performs an expansive repertoire with the ultimate goal of presenting concerts entirely comprising original student compositions.”
Berklee College of Music

Gustav Mahler Symphony No 9
Daniel Harding | Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
If eternity has a source, Daniel Harding somehow found a way to tap it in this poignant account with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Like all of Mahler’s symphonies, the Ninth — his final complete work, written in 1909 two years before his death — is consciously self-referential. Harding teases out its autobiographical aspects (the faintly syncopated rhythmic motif that opens and guides the first movement, widely believed to represent Mahler’s irregular heartbeat; the muted brass riffs that mimic the famed trumpet fanfares of his First Symphony) with immense patience and sensitivity, thus rejuvenating instead of overburdening this “music coming from another world” (Herbert von Karajan). Here we see and hear Harding directing Mahler’s 9th in an earlier version with the Wiener Philharmoniker.
Deutsche Grammophon

april 2018 – good to hear

Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz
Hugh Masekela
This is a tribute to the great South African trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer and singer Hugh Masekela (1939-2018), the father of South African jazz, the author of many anti-apartheid songs, and one of the finest and most distinctive horn players the world has known. Together with Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) he recorded the first jazz album his country produced. After the infamous Sharpeville Massacre, in 1960, the politically outspoken musician left South Africa and established himself first in London and later in New York, where he attended the Manhattan School of Music (1960 – 1964). In 1985 Masekela founded the Botswana International School of Music (BISM), which held its first workshop in Gaboron that same year. He received many awards, recorded with many intenational stars and finally returned to his homeland under the leadershp of Nelson Mandela. He died in Johannesburg last January.
Blue Thumb Records

Rachelle Ferrell
Composer, lyricist, arranger, musician, and vocalist Rachelle Ferrell is a recent arrival on the contemporary jazz scene. Born and raised near Philadelphia, she started singing at age six. This no doubt contributed to the eventual development of her startling six-octave range. She decided early on, after classical training on violin, that she wanted to try to make her mark musically as an instrumentalist and songwriter. When her father bought her a piano in her mid-teens with the provision that she learn to play to a professional level, Rachelle secured her first professional gig as a pianist-singer within six months. At 18, she enrolled in the Berklee College of Music in Boston to study composition and arranging. She graduated in a year and taught music with Dizzy Gillespie for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Through the ’80s and into the early ’90s, she’d worked with some of the top names in jazz, including Gillespie, Quincy Jones, George Benson and George Duke.
Capitol Records

Twilight Zone (Official Music Video)
Watch Jourgensen take down the (fake) American President! „Ministry is an American industrial metal band, founded in 1981 by Al Jourgensen in Chicago, Illinois. Originally a synth-pop outfit, Ministry shifted its style to become one of the pioneers of industrial metal in the mid-to-late 1980s. The band’s lineup has gone through many changes throughout its history, with Jourgensen remaining the only constant as the band’s main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Notable musicians who have contributed to the band’s studio or live activities include Paul Barker, Martin Atkins, Bill Rieflin, Chris Connelly, Nivek Ogre, Mike Scaccia, Rey Washam, Paul Raven, Tommy Victor, Jason Christopher, Tony Campos, Monte Pittman, Burton C. Bell and DJ Swamp.“ (Wikipedia)

Finesse (remix)
Bruno Mars, featuring Cardi B.
A song viewed by more than 313 million people can’t be bad! Finesse was co-written by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown, James Fauntleroy, Johnathan Yip, Ray Romulus, Jeremy Reeves and Ray McCullough II. It originally reached a much lower posiition in the charts than the remix released by rappper Cardi B. which received widespread acclaim upon release as a funky version of new jack swing.
Atlantic Records

Debussy: Violin Sonata, Cello Sonata, Piano Trio
Trio Stradivari
Brilliant classics is a recording label domiciled in Leewarden (The Netherlands) releasing super-budget recordings of popular classical composers in top quality. Their policiy of selling these masterpieces of calssical music in supermarkets and drugstores has brought them to an audience otherwise alien to classical music. Here, Claude Debussy’s compostions are played by the the Italian Trio Stradivari made up of Jolanda Violante (piano) Federico Guglielmo (violin) and Luigi Puxeddu (cello), spanning the composers protean career, from the early Piano Trio of 1880 to the Cello Sonata of 1915 and the Violin Sonata, completed in 1917.
Brilliant Classics

march 2018 – good to hear

Hervé  Samb
The Senegalese Guitar virtuoso and composer has recorded on more than hundred albums and performed in almost every part of the world, with artists like Pat Metheny, Cheick Tidiane Seick, Toure Kounda, Paco Sery, Lionel Loueke and Hamid Drake Jimmy Cliff, David Murray, Pharaoh Sanders, Meshell Ndegeocello, Oumou Sangare, Amadou & Mariam, The Syndicate, Linley Marthe to name a few.

Musica popular
Brasileira nordestina
A collection of albums representing Northeastern Brazil folk music. Northeastern music is a generic term for any popular music from the large region of Northeastern Brazil, including both coastal and inland areas. Rhythms are often slow and plodding and derived from accordions and guitars instead of percussion instruments. Portuguese melodies and influences meet African rhythms to form maracatu and dance music called balão. Most influential is the music from the area around Pernambuco: forrófrevo and maracatu. The diversity of this collection is mind-blowing!

Hot Buttered Soul, Black Moses and Shaft
Isaac Hayes
Re-issues of Hayes’ seminal work created in the late sixties and early seventies. Should be out on YouTube any moment now but here’s a little sample to start with. See also:

Relaxing Piano Music 2018
Nine hours of music for meditation or to chill with.
Meg Backing Tracks, January 2018

Light at the edge of the world
Wade Davis
Talk about the challenges and pitfalls of trying to make the world a better place.

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