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It’s not magic, it’s quantum mechanics

mind | 19 aug 14 | Luis R. Valadez, Learning Mind
Our human brains trick us into believing in the idea of separation when in truth, nothing is truly separated.

Better to give than to receive

mind | 13 aug 14 | University of Tuebingen, ScienceDaily
Personality plays an important role in knowledge exchange. Givers share more important knowledge than takers, according to a recent study.

Spiritual Growth and Psychedelics

mind | 7 aug 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Spiritual maturity requires a regular process or practice of some type to bring the essence of wisdom that a psychedelic experience offers into one’s life as a whole.

Touched By The Tremendum

mind | 25 july 14 | Terence McKenna, Reality Club Archives
A talk from and an interview from 27 March 1990, with one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism and a fixture of popular counterculture.

Atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke

mind | 17 july 14 | Nury Vittachi, Science 2.0
Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged.

Biological basis for magic mushroom ‘mind expansion’

mind | 14 july 14 | Francesca Davenport, Imperial College London
New research shows that our brain displays a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during mind-expanding drug trips with psilocybin or the chemically related LSD.

I Am the Knowing of All Experience

mind | 9 july 14 | Peter Russell, YouTube
Exploring the question “Who am I?” What is known may change, but the knower, the true Self, never does.

Narcissists are only human

mind | 1 july 14 | Peter Kinderman, The Conversation
The academics reported that “individuals high in narcissism are capable of reporting higher empatf instructed to take that person’s perspective.

Philosophy’s Greatest Opportunity

mind | 23 june 14 | Thomas B. Roberts, Academia
What is philosophy’s biggest problem? Answer: Just as we can design and install digital apps in our electronic services, we can design and install mindapps in our minds.

The Alchemical Legacy of Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin

mind | 11 june 14 | Daniel Appel, Ultraculture
The father of psychedelic research, died on 2 June at the age of 88. His contributions to the fields of rational drug design and phenomenology earned him a place in scientific history as a biochemical pioneer.

Cultivating Empathy

mind | 3 june 14 | Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino, ScienceDaily
An unprecedented research has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to train brain patterns associated with empathic feelings – more specifically, tenderness.

The Power of Imagination

mind | 1 june 14 | Chris Hedges, Truthdig
Through imagination we can face our mortality and the brevity of existence. Through imagination we can recover reverence and kinship. Through imagination we can see ourselves in our neighbors and the other living organisms of the earth.

How to Become Productively Generous

mind | 1 june 14 | Adam Grant, Psychology Today
The three biggest myths about giving.

The Paradox of Wu-Wei

mind | 27 May 14 | Edge
A conversation with Edward Slingerland, Professor of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, and author of Trying Not to Try: The Art and Science of Spontaneity, about wu-wei, the Chinese concept of effortless action.

What Is Consciousness

mind | 12 May 14 | Peter Russell, You Tube
One thing we know for sure is that we are aware. Yet this very fact is an anomaly for the current scientific worldview. A talk by Peter Russell.

Thinking about death

mind | 5 May 14 | Nathan Heflick, The Conversation
Go ahead and contemplate your own mortality. How does it feel? Would you be surprised to learn that it can potentially improve your mental health to think about your death more often?

Embrace the Unexplained

mind | 1 May 14 | Jeffrey J. Kripal, The Chronicle of Higher Education
How ‘fantastic’ stories unlock the nature of consciousness.

Psychedelic Wisdom

mind | 1 May 14 | Interview: Zoe Helene, Reality Sandwich
A conversation with ethnobotanist and ethnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna. He and his late brother, Terence, began their lifelong curiosity-driven quest for exotic hallucinogens in Amazonian jungles in 1971.

Do Psychic Phenomena Exist?

mind | 1 May 14 | Steve Taylor, Psychology Today
There are some good reasons for being open to the idea that telepathy and pre-cognition may genuinely exist.

Mindapps and The Neurosingularity Project

mind | 11 Apr 14 | Thomas B. Roberts, H+ Magazine
When scientists discover the genes that control nerve growth, will they be able to control the production of brain cells? Will the Neurosingularity Project then move from brain repair and enhancement to enlargement or even brain design?