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Mindapps and The Neurosingularity Project

11 Apr 14 | Thomas B. Roberts, H+ Magazine
When scientists discover the genes that control nerve growth, will they be able to control the production of brain cells? Will the Neurosingularity Project then move from brain repair and enhancement to enlargement or even brain design?

Return to the Brain of Eden

7 Apr 14 | Interview: Greg Moffitt, Legalise Freedom
A conversation with Tony Wright, discussing his forthcoming book, dealing with “Restoring the Connection Between Neurochemistry and Consciousness.” Part One. Part Two. Audio.

Ayahuasca and I

5 Apr 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Not your typical trip report – Last part of four.

How to Meditate Without Even Trying

1 Apr 14 | Peter Russell, Effortless Meditation
Why effort hinders meditation. How to manage thoughts. Introduction to Peter Russell’s new online course. Video.

An Owner’s Manual for Your Own Mind

26 Mar 14 | Interview: Hope Reese, The Atlantic
A conversation with Daniel Gilbert about his untraditional path to psychology, how psychology affects, and is affected, by other academic fields, and why the study of happiness is critical for public policy.

The Pursuit of Creativity

24 Mar 14 | Joachim I. Krueger, Psychology Today
Along with happiness, creativity is among the most alluring concepts in psychology and everyday life. Creativity smells not only of happiness, but also of productivity, meaning, and legacy. But what is creativity?

Ayahuasca and I

17 Mar 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Not your typical trip report – Part three of four.

Is This Life Real?

13 Mar 14 | Matthew Francis, Aeon
Our species is not going to last forever. One way or another, humanity will vanish from the Universe. Some philosophers and physicists wonder if we’re already there. Maybe we are in a computer simulation, but how can we tell? And does it matter?

Practicing Presence ... Off the Beach

7 Mar 14 | Nancy Colier, Psychology Today
How to be “in” the present moment when we don’t like the present moment?

The New Animism

5 Mar 14 | Interview: Erik Davis, expanding mind
Animist practice, sacred sites, and cultivating a relationship to significant otherness: a talk with Robert Wallis, professor of visual culture, scholar of paganism, shamanism, and rock art. Audio.

Ayahuasca and I

1 Mar 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Not your typical trip report – Part two of four.

Ayahuasca and I

25 Feb 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Not your typical trip report – Part one of four.

Death and the Present Moment

19 Feb 14 | Sam Harris, YouTube
The American neuroscientist, author, and philosopher, shares his concept of the present moment and why it matters to live in the now rather than wait for the “now” of the future. Video.

The Myth of Cognitive Decline

11 Feb 14 | Thomas Hills, The Conversation
For a long time old age is associated with memory problems, and difficulties in learning and concentration. This way of thinking may be fundamentally wrong.

Relax and Do Nothing

1 Feb 14 | Steve Taylor, Psychology Today
Great ideas and discoveries don’t come from thinking or doing, but from being. That’s the secret of success.

Another Green World

29 Jan 14 | Daniel Pinchbeck, Reality Sandwich
We need to evolve new pathways of thinking and feeling – to revamp our mental and emotional ecology. Psychedelics may play a part in the process of our species evolution. From the co-author of Manifesting Minds.

The science of psi phenomena

17 Jan 14 | Etzel Cardeña, Lund University, Sweden
A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness, including parapsychological phenomena such as purported telepathy or precognition a.o.

Master of many trades

9 Jan 14 | Robert Twigger, Aeon
Our age reveres the specialist but humans are natural polymaths, at our best when we turn our minds to many things.

Boost Your Brain

27 Dec 13 | Sam Gandy, Reality Sandwich
Neurogenesis is the birth of new neurons in the brain. There are a number of behavioral, environmental, pharmacological and biochemical factors that affect this process, many of which we have considerable power to influence.

Meditation induces gene expression changes

23 Dec 13 | Susan Jensen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France report the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of mindfulness meditation.