Just Say Yes

culture | 6 june 14 | Interview: Dennis Trainor, Jr, Acronym TV
Amber Lyon, a 3 time Emmy Award winning journalist, on radical transformation through psychedelics.

Votes for the Future

culture | 1 june 14 | Thomas Wells, Aeon
Democracies are notoriously short-sighted. Yet with one simple device, we could give unborn citizens a say in our present.

Free Sexuality and Partnership

culture | 21 May 14 | Dieter Duhm, Reality Sandwich
Both halves of the human being, man and woman, have searched for one another for generations and always missed each other. Is there a solution for the apparent contradiction between free sexuality and marriage?

Eye Candy

culture | 7 May 14 | Mohan Matthen, Aeon
In every culture on Earth, people decorate their possessions and themselves, and enjoy visual art. They stare in awe at vast landscapes and the starry sky, and they sing and dance, and make instrumental music. Why? It gives them pleasure.

Approaching the post-Internet age

culture | 1 May 14 | Barry Levine, VentureBeat
Once, the Internet was the paradigm of decentralized, anonymous, citizen-based, secure communication. Now, mesh networks are being touted for that role.

Gateway Drug, to What?

culture | 25 Apr 14 | Charles Eisenstein, Open Democracy
Substance abuse has less to do with the substance than it has to do with the lives we live. But what has the War on Drugs done to us, and what will follow it?

Sex, Drugs and Jimi Hendrix

culture | 23 Apr 14 | Ed Vulliamy, The Observer
At 16 he saw Jimi Hendrix blow the crowd away on the Isle of Wight. Today, at nearly 60, he is still chasing the festival spirit round far-flung fields. Here is Ed Vulliamy’s tale of peace, love and mud.

The End is Not Near

culture | 15 Apr 14 | J L Schellenberg, Aeon
Thanks to science, most of us accept the deep past – so why are our imagined futures so shallow?

The Technium

11 Mar 14 | Edge
How can we have a world in which we are all watching each other, and everybody feels happy? A conversation with Kevin Kelly.

What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?

27 Feb 14 | David Graeber, The Baffler
Animals play. Humans play. To explain play in Darwinian or utilitarian terms means arguing that it is something else in disguise. But what if play is the real point of our lives? Friedrich Schiller had already argued in 1795 that it was precisely in play that we find the origins of self-consciousness, and hence freedom, and hence morality. “Man plays only when he is in the full sense of the word a man,” Schiller wrote in his On the Aesthetic Education of Man, “and he is only wholly a Man when he is playing.”

The End of Nation States

13 Feb 14 | Harry J. Bentham, H+ Magazine
Perhaps parallel to the physical enhancement of human ability and longevity through technology, enhancements to civilization could be the neglect and final dissolution of borders and “nations”.

Everyone Should Read More

23 Dec 13 | Devin Largent, Thought Catalog
Reading wouldn’t be labeled with such importance if there weren’t obvious, universal benefits. But often these benefits seem vague and perhaps we just gloss them over. 15 reasons why reading is incredibly beneficial to absolutely anyone.

3.700 Year Old Psychotropic Wine

5 Dec 13 | Rachel Nuwer, Smithosian
Ancient Canaanites knew how to have a good time. They were fond of wine bursting with the flavors of mint, honey and psychotropic resins, new archaeological evidence reveals.

Best-Case Scenarios for Our Future

1 Dec 13 | George Dvorsky, io9
Should we find a way to manage the risks and avoid dystopic outcomes, our far future looks astonishingly bright. If things go really well, our civilization will continue to evolve and diversify, leading to many different types of futures.

A Climate Change-Fueled Global Green Revolution?

29 Nov 13 | Michael Klare, TomDispatch
Mass environmental protests are gaining strength. If governments won’t take the lead on an imperiled planet, someone will.

First Artists Were Mostly Women

13 Nov 13 | Virginia Hughes, National Geographic
Women made most of the oldest-known cave art paintings, suggests a new analysis of ancient handprints. Most scholars had assumed these ancient artists were predominantly men, so the finding overturns decades of archaeological dogma.

Reading the world in 196 books

13 Nov 13 | Ann Morgan, BBC
Writer Ann Morgan read a book from every country in the world in one year. She learned that she was not an isolated person, but part of a network that stretched all over the planet and that fiction makes the world real.

The meanings of life

1 Nov 11 | Roy F. Baumeister, Aeon
Happiness is not the same as a sense of meaning. How do we go about finding a meaningful life, not just a happy one?

Ecology That Really Works

28 Oct 13 | Alexis Zeigler, Reality Sandwich
Living Energy Farm uses no gasoline, no diesel, and no grid electricity. The project is being built inexpensively so that people may live comfortably, support themselves economically, and do so in a manner that is easily replicated by others.

Mind Mirror

17 Oct 13 | Jennifer Schuessler, New York Times
When Timothy Leary died in 1996, he was eulogized as the godfather of the drug-fueled Sixties counterculture. Now, material unearthed in his archive at the New York Public Library shows him as an early adventurer in another arena: video games.