Sky readers

culture | 7 jan 16 | Gene Tracy, Aeon
For most of human history, the stars told us where we were in space and time. Have we forgotten how to look up?

The world is more educated than it’s ever been

culture | 27 dec 15 | Alan Britton, The Conversation
More people are going to school and university than ever before. That’s the largely positive picture of the state of education across the world published recently by the OECD.

The 'age of the human' ...

culture | 25 dec | David Suzuki, The Guardian
… may not become the age of destruction. Our dominance on Earth comes with great responsibility. The Paris climate deal proves that there is hope for our planet – as long as we remember that.

Acid Tests Turn 50

culture | 23 dec 15 | Jesse Jarnow, Rolling Stone
Wavy Gravy, Merry Prankster Ken Babbs recall seminal psychedelic happenings where Beats, Del Close held court and seeds of Grateful Dead were sown.

LSD Microdosing

culture | 17 dec 15 | Andrew Leonard, Rolling Stone
Regular doses of acid have become the creativity enhancer of choice for some professionals.

What if we were free to work?

culture | 9 dec 15 | Olivier Schneller, TEDxBSEL
To Olivier, today’s common perception of work is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time; he illustrates why he strongly believes that rethinking work may unlock an immense hidden potential in our society.

Demanding a Post-Work World

culture | 27 nov 15 | John Danaher, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Those who are truly interested in a postwork world would be well-advised to think about what it takes to live a meaningful life, and to assess whether that will be possible when people lack the economic motivation to work.

Art, Ayahuasca, and Climate Change

culture | 17 nov 15 | Jill Ettinger, Reset Me
Worlds are intersecting at unexpected points these days. The latest juncture: Can street art and psychedelics like ayahuasca steer us away from abdication and help us to reclaim our planet and our health?

Solving Problems With Collective Intelligence

culture | 25 oct 15 | Michael Hrenka, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
How can technology help us to solve the big problems of individuals, organizations, and the world at large? More specifically: How can we use the internet in the best way to improve our collective problem-solving capabilities?

The Social Fabric of a Technically Advanced Society

culture | 29 aug 15 | Nicole Sallak Anderson, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
There is so much human potential. Yet something seems to hold us back from becoming a stable species. We have two choices before us, begin to cooperate and live in harmony, or destroy everything, including our planet.

The end of capitalism has begun

culture | 29 july 15 | Paul Mason, The Guardian
Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian.

Initiatives for a better world

culture | 29 june 15 | Catherine Taibi, The Huffington Post
An alliance of 45 newspapers from all around the world participate in a day dedicated to focusing on solutions-based stories about people, places and events, inspiring change on a global level.

We Need A Modern Origin Story

culture | 28 may 15 | David Christian, Edge
We’re now at the point where, across so many domains, the amount of information, of good, rigorous ideas, is so rich that we can tease out an origin story that works for humans in Beijing as well as in Buenos Aires – A Big History.

Singularity, Psychedelics and Technoculture

culture | 27 mar 15 | Interview: Jeremy D. Johnson, Reality Sandwich
A conversation with R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell about their new book, Transcendence, exploring the shared trippy history between psychedelic counterculture and the technological dreams of transhumanism.

Real works of art are machines for destroying ideologies

culture | 2 mar 15 | Interview: Matt Cardin, The Teeming Brain
The numinous, subversive power of art in an artificial age. A conversation with Canadian writer and filmmaker J.F. Martel, author of the book Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice.

Activism in the New Story

culture | 13 feb 15 | Charles Eisenstein
Play and celebration seem a bit frivolous in the face of a relentless world-destroying machine. We need to get serious and, not waste our time in escapist play. And celebration – shouldn’t that wait until we have something to celebrate?

The music in you

culture | 13 jan 15 | Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis, Aeon
You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities. You just don’t know about them yet.

Free Money for Everyone

culture | 13 jan 15 | Rutger Bregman, TEDxMaastricht
Dutch historian Rutger Bregman explains why we should give everyone a basic income.

Art Is Good For Our Health

culture | 1 jan 15 | Gabe Bergado, Mic Network
Art’s sweet relationship with the brain and body makes a trip to the museum worth it.

The Phoenix Generation

culture | 29 dec 14 | Kingsley L. Dennis, Reality Sandwich
The generation, coming of age over the next couple of decades, will show a marked difference in their consumption and production of media. They will be active prosumers of media content, not only consumers