Smaller steps for mankind

eco | 01 august 17 |
The most effective ways for individuals to reduce their carbon footprints, according to new research.

Conscious universe

eco | 01 august 17 | Awareness Act
According to Gregory Matloff, a physicist at New York City College of Technology, in his recently published paper, humans could be like the rest of the universe, in substance and in spirit. Futurism reported that a “proto-consciousness field” could extend throughout all space. 

2016 Was the Best Year Ever for Renewable Energy

eco | 01 mai 17 | Angus Hervey,
The fossil fuel giants are starting to freak out.

Abundance for everybody

eco | 27 july 16 | Sian Cowman, The Ecologist
Rooted in the Andean principles of sharing, resilience and Vivir Bien, the ‘Conscious Food’ program supports a thriving urban activist community in Bolivia.

Planting 50 Million Trees in One Day

eco | 23 july 16 | Elyse Wanshel, The Huffington Post
Thousands of people in India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh jostled for space July 11 as they attempted to plant 50 million trees over 24 hours in hopes of shattering the world record.

Forest-friendly trends

eco | 17 june | Rhett A Butler, Mongabay
It’s easy to be pessimistic about the state of the world’s forests. Yet all hope is not lost. Here are 10 good reasons to be optimistic when it comes to saving the world’s forests.

Norway To Ban Deforestation

eco | 9 june 16 | Climate Action
Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation. The major global funder of forest conservation projects also supports human rights programs for forest communities.

Kenya to reverse deforestation

eco | 21 apr 16 | Mike Gaworecki, Mongabay
Kenya aims to plant a total of 20 million trees around Mount Kenya and other highland forests, known as Water Towers because of their role in conserving the country’s rivers, lakes and fresh drinking water.


eco | 9 feb 16 | Edward O Wilson, Aeon
Half of the Earth’s surface and seas must be dedicated to the conservation of nature, or humanity will have no future. See also Edward O Wilson’s latest book Half-Earth.

Good environmental stories of 2015

eco | 9 jan 16 | Mike Gaworecki, Mongabay
While the top environmental stories of the year include more than a few bummers, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the planet last year. Here is a look at some of the more positive developments.

The Holy Trinity

eco | 1 dec 15 | Melati Kaye, Mongabay
How Wakatobi’s corals stay healthy and diverse. A soon-to-be under-resourced national park administration is fighting to protect marine life along one of Indonesia’s most diverse coastlines.

World's newest national park

eco | 13 nov 15 | Morgan Erickson-Davis & Apoorva Joshi, Mongabay
With the official declaration from the Peruvian government, Sierra del Divisor National Park spans 1.3 million hectares of largely primary forest, and contains unique wildlife habitat and uncontacted indigenous communities.

Reimagine agriculture to rewild the land

eco | 3 nov 15 | EcoHustler
Thinking differently about how we grow food creates a world of opportunity – boosting planetary health, enriching our lives and protecting us from environmental change.

A Twisted Path to Equation-Free Prediction

eco | 19 oct 15 | Gabriel Popkin, Quanta Magazine
Complex natural systems defy standard mathematical analysis. A strange attractor helps predict what will happen in a chaotic system beyond equations.

Lots of Trees to Hug

eco | 7 sept 15 | Kevin Dennehy, Yale School Forestry & Environmental Studies
There are just over three trillion trees on Earth, according to a new assessment, about seven and a half times more than some previous estimates.

The Sustainability Conundrum

eco | 27 july 15 | Richard Hamption, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere
Both human population and consumption drive the impacts we are having on the Earth, but how do we reduce both to sustainable levels at the same time?

Traditional medicine encyclopedia

eco | 13 july 15 | Jeremy Hance, Mongabay
The 500-page encyclopedia marks the first time that a tribe in the Amazon – the Matsés peoples of Brazil and Peru – have created a full and complete transcription of their medicinal knowledge written in their own language and words.

Aboriginal people …

eco | 29 june 15 | David Suzuki, The Vancouver Sun
… not environmentalists, are our best bet for protecting the planet.

Biodegradable computer chips

eco | 15 june 15 | John Steeno, University of Wisconsin-Madison
In an effort to alleviate the environmental burden of electronic devices, scientists have develop a surprising solution: a semiconductor chip made almost entirely of wood.

End of the car age

eco | 5 june 15 | Stephen Moss, The Guardian
Cities around the world are coming to the same conclusion: they’d be better off with far fewer cars. So what’s behind this seismic shift in our urban lifestyles?