Awakening from Materialism

life | 25 july 16 | Will Tuttle
The journey of healing and awakening is the vegan journey, and it is in many ways the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to our world today.

Evidence for Abundance

life | 11 july 16 | Peter Diamandis, Singularity Hub
Why the world is better than you think in 10 powerful charts.

Psychedelic Drugs Are the Ultimate Meal for Your Mind

life | 29 june 16 | Maddie Oatman and Tom Philpott, Mother Jones
“Not only do plants nourish us bodily – they nourish us psychologically.” The legendary food writer Michael Pollan takes us on a trip.

The Social Construction of Stories

life | 19 may 16 | Interview: Edge
How narratives can get in the way of being happier. A conversation with Paul Dolan, professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics and Political Science and author of Happiness by Design.

Earth may be home to one trillion species

life | 5 may 16 | Indiana University, ScienceDaily
Largest-ever analysis of microbial data reveals an ecological law concluding 99.999 percent of species remain undiscovered.

Sexy beasts

life | 23 apr 16 | Alex Riley, Aeon
Male flamboyance does more than ruffle a few feathers – it helps the female choose a mate in top metabolic health.

Beyond hashtags

life | 13 apr 16 | Athina Karatzogianni, The Conversation
How a new wave of digital activists is changing society.

Where do minds belong?

life | 3 apr 16 | Caleb Scharf, Aeon
Intelligence could have been moving back and forth between biological beings and machine receptacles for aeons.

The Mattering Instinct

life | 29 mar 16 | Interview: Edge
A conversation with Rebecca Newberger Goldstein about that commitment to one’s own life that is inseparable from pursuing a coherent human life.

Decriminalization of all drugs

life | 25 mar 16 | Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
A group of 22 medical experts convened by Johns Hopkins University and The Lancet have called today for the decriminalization of all nonviolent drug use and possession.

My secret life

life | 11 feb 16 | Tiffany Jenkins, Aeon
Parents expect to know everything about their children’s lives. They need to remember that secrets are part of growing up.

Rethinking Evolution

life | 1 feb 16 | Anne Fausto-Sterling, Boston Review
In the early 1990s, biologist and co-developer of the Gaia theory, Lynn Margulis, elaborated a sweeping claim: symbiosis lies at the explanatory heart of evolution. It seems she was right.

Evolution's End

life | 25 jan 16 | Peter Russell, You Tube
There’s no blame for the crisis we are in. Facing the end of our species could in itself be the wake-up call we need.

The Science of Nonconformity

life | 15 jan 16 | Stephanie Pappas, Live Science
In the aftermath of David Bowie’s death at age 69 from cancer, a re-occurring theme has appeared in tributes to the famously idiosyncratic performer: his importance to those who felt like misfits.

Dear young men

life | 7 jan 16 | David Cain, Independent
Failing to “fit in” at school is a good thing; the old stereotypes of what it is to be a ‘man’ are a load of rubbish.

Fifteen Indigenous Rights Victories …

life | 5 jan 16 | John Ahni Schertow, IC Magazine
… that you didn’t hear about in 2015. In this day in age such stories are incredibly rare. They are even more difficult to find amidst the constant deluge of media that doesn’t matter. That makes them all the more valuable.

The world is improving

life | 29 dec 15 | Interview: Oxford’s research
Max Roser’s latest project visualises datasets of global trends across time. The underlying message from the project is Good News: the world today is more peaceful, educated and healthier than ever before. A conversation.

The Unpredictable Freedom and Sweetness of Chaos

life | 19 dec 15 | Leo Babauta, Humanity+ Magazine
Let go of control and allow yourself to be swept away by the powerful currents of life. Let go of planning and embrace not to know what will happen. Let go of productivity and be open to new ideas, new opportunities, spontaneous creativity.

Paradigms lost

life | 7 dec 15 | David P Barash, Aeon
Science is not a ‘body of knowledge’ – it’s a dynamic, ongoing reconfiguration of knowledge and must be free to change.

Nuclear-Free Future Award 2015

life | 1 nov 15 | Nuclear-Free Future Award
This year the prices in the categories Resistance, Education, Solution, go to the USA, Switzerland, the Marshall Islands, Austria and Canada.