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Ritual ... is the primary vehicle of religious instantiation. Music, rhythm, poetry, and aesthetic imagery are all part and parcel of shamanic performative dramatic art. During indigenous ritual enactment the cosmology and cosmogony open up to include all peoples of the universe, living and dead, together with animal spirits and souls.

Beatriz Labate, Clancy Cavnar, Françoise Barbira Freedman
The Varieties of Shamanic Experience

21 oct 14 | Labate, Cavnar, Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond
The editors offer an in-depth exploration of how Amerindian epistemology and ontology concerning indigenous shamanic rituals of the Amazon have spread to Western societies, and of how indigenous, mestizo, and cosmopolitan cultures have engaged with and transformed these forest traditions.




Navigating the Information Flood

15 oct 14 | Levitin, The Organized Mind
With lively, entertaining chapters Daniel J. Levitin reveals how new research into the cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory can be applied to the challenges of our daily lives, and how we can use their methods to regain a sense of mastery over the way organizing our homes, workplaces, and our time.




Strategies for change and progress

9 oct 14 | Cowsill, Safe Planet
What is the greatest challenge facing humanity this century? The answer is, how we can produce the energy and resources we need without endangering the future of human life on the planet. This optimistic book by a concerned environmental activist is a compelling and clear narrative about the crisis and its solution.




Eye opening, Mind expanding

1 oct 14 |  Harris, Waking Up
Part seeker’s memoir and part exploration of the scientific underpinnings of spirituality, no other book marries contemplative wisdom and modern science in this way, and no author other than Sam Harris – a scientist, philosopher, and famous skeptic – could write it.




Transforming the Economic System

26 sep 14 | Klein, This Changes Everything
Forget everything you think you know about global warming. It’s not about carbon – it’s about capitalism. The good news is that we can seize this existential crisis to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better. It’s about changing the world – before the world changes so drastically that no one is safe.




Save Waste, Save Water

22 sep 14 | Nelson, The Wastewater Gardener
Ecosystem engineer Mark Nelson takes us on a global expedition to learn how we are wasting the world’s dwindling supplies of fresh water by flushing away a very valuable resource, our own human wastes. He explains an important solution to some of our trickiest global dilemmas: Wastewater Gardens, for the health of our planet.




Basic Psychedelic Research

17 sep 14 | Penner, Timothy Leary: The Harvard Years
Presenting the first collection of Leary’s writings devoted entirely to the research phase of his career, 1960 to 1965, this book offers rare articles from Leary’s time as a professor in Harvard’s Psychology Department, including writings from the Harvard Psilocybin Project, the Concord Prison Project, and the Good Friday Experiment.




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Better to give than to receive

mind | 13 aug 14 | University of Tuebingen, ScienceDaily
Personality plays an important role in knowledge exchange. Givers share more important knowledge than takers, according to a recent study.

2 Billion Trees, 300 000 Jobs

eco | 7 aug 14 | Michael Graham Richard, treehugger
India’s Rural Development Ministry has decided to try to tackle two problems at the same time: Youth unemployment and bad air quality. It has unveiled a plan to hire up to 300 000 youths to plant 2 billion trees along the country’s highways.

Spiritual Growth and Psychedelics

mind | 7 aug 14 | James W. Jesso, Psychedelic Press UK
Spiritual maturity requires a regular process or practice of some type to bring the essence of wisdom that a psychedelic experience offers into one’s life as a whole.

Beauty Will Save the World

culture | 1 aug 14 |  J. F. Martel, Reality Sandwich
Art doesn’t begin when you realize that you have something to say. It begins at the hour when there is nothing left to say, when everything has been said, when what must be said is unspeakable. It is a way to the sacred.

Praise them!

life | 1 aug 14 | Carlin Flora, Aeon
Everyone thinks that too much praise can turn children into entitled monsters but the science isn’t nearly that simple.

The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting

science | 25 july 14 | Carl Zimmer, Quanta Magazine
Newly discovered patterns in evolution may help scientists make accurate short-term predictions.

Touched By The Tremendum

mind | 25 july 14 | Terence McKenna, Reality Club Archives
A talk from and an interview from 27 March 1990, with one of the leading authorities on the ontological foundations of shamanism and a fixture of popular counterculture.

Wild Ride Ahead

culture | 21 july 14 | Dick Pelletier, Instititute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Imagine if you could jump into a parallel universe where another you is living a more exciting life than yours; and you could swap places if you like. Glimpse at humanity’s long range future.

Organic food is better for you

eco | 21 july 14 | Carlo Leifert, Cambridge University Press
In the largest study of its kind, an international team of experts finds significant differences between organic and non-organic food.

Quantum Physics As Spiritual Path

science | 17 july 14 | Paul Levy, Reality Sandwich
Science is the wisdom tradition par excellence of our modern age. Quantum physics can be likened to a genuine spiritual path in that its study becomes a “royal road” beyond both physics and the physical dimension into the realm of metaphysics.

Atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke

mind | 17 july 14 | Nury Vittachi, Science 2.0
Cognitive scientists are becoming increasingly aware that a metaphysical outlook may be so deeply ingrained in human thought processes that it cannot be expunged.


life | 14 july 14 | Gaia Vince, BBC
Is our species evolving into something new? Is a new superorganism taking over Earth. A provocative argument that humanity is transforming, already having a huge effect on life on our planet.

Biological basis for magic mushroom ‘mind expansion’

mind | 14 july 14 | Francesca Davenport, Imperial College London
New research shows that our brain displays a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during mind-expanding drug trips with psilocybin or the chemically related LSD.

What Have Germs Ever Done for Us?

life | 9 july 14 |  Andrew Beattie, MAHB
On an individual level they regulate the development and physiology of our bodies while on a global level they underpin our food supply and provide the basic resources for many industries essential to human wellbeing.

I Am the Knowing of All Experience

mind | 9 july 14 | Peter Russell, YouTube
Exploring the question “Who am I?” What is known may change, but the knower, the true Self, never does.

Life’s Restlessness

life | 4 july 14 | Addy Pross, Aeon
Why does life resist disorder? Because ever since the first replicating molecules, another kind of stability has beckoned.

Entheogenic Education

culture | 4 july 14 | Kenneth W. Tupper, Maps
The educational value of psychedelics may be their capacity to reliably evoke experiences of wonder and awe, to stimulate transcendental or mystical experiences, and to catalyze a sense of life meaning or purpose.

Narcissists are only human

mind | 1 july 14 | Peter Kinderman, The Conversation
The academics reported that “individuals high in narcissism are capable of reporting higher empatf instructed to take that person’s perspective.

Bonobos Reveal Evolution of Human Kindness

life | 1 july 14 | James Owen, National Geographic
Marked by their kindness to strangers, the currently endangered bonobos are helping scientists solve the mystery of a particularly human quality: our altruistic nature.

Surprising Rule of Threes

science | 25 june 14 | Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine
More than forty years after a Soviet nuclear physicist proposed the theory that trios of particles can arrange themselves in an infinite nesting-doll configuration, experimentalists have verified this bizarre state of matter.

Philosophy’s Greatest Opportunity

mind | 23 june 14 | Thomas B. Roberts, Academia
What is philosophy’s biggest problem? Answer: Just as we can design and install digital apps in our electronic services, we can design and install mindapps in our minds.

Sacred Sexuality and Sex

life | 19 june 14 | Michael Picucci, Psychology Tomorrow
How can we elevate sex to a higher plane, yet keep our strongest physical desires intact? Discussing the four primary sexual energies – love, pleasure, lingum, and yoni – helps us to understand this “Sexual-Spiritual Split.”

A Fascinating Tale

culture | 17 june 14 | Michael Horowitz, Lisa Rein, Boing Boing
The story of Marshall McLuhan and Timothy Leary’s friendship and an unpublished letter from the Leary Archives.

Living Symphonies

eco | 13 june 14 | Noah Baker, Nature
Artists create a simulation of forest plot’s web of life and turn it into a sound installation which aims to represent an ecosystem, in real time, as a dynamic ever changing musical composition.

The Alchemical Legacy of Alexander ‘Sasha’ Shulgin

mind | 11 june 14 | Daniel Appel, Ultraculture
The father of psychedelic research, died on 2 June at the age of 88. His contributions to the fields of rational drug design and phenomenology earned him a place in scientific history as a biochemical pioneer.

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Chemistry is Beautiful

Discover the most beautiful chemical structures in 3D, and the stunning beauty of chemical reactions in 4K Ultra-HD. A happy marriage of science and art.

Solar Energy

Light is the primary product of Sun to reach this planet; without it there could be no life on Earth. An inspirational video narrated by Gregory Sams.

Nature is Speaking

A new campaign from Conservation International delivers a message people everywhere need to hear: Nature doesn't need people, but people desperately need nature.

Path of the Sun

A two-part documentary film series about shamanism, consciousness and medicinal plants: Q'ero Mystics of Peru and Ayahausca Nature's Greatest Gift.

Earth, Solar System, Space

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is proud to present the winning images of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014.


A unique documentary about Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s, and authored the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi.

Architecture of Life

This animation highlights work from the Ingber lab, which has revealed that living cells use tensegrity architecture to control their shape and mechanical properties.

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Heart Dance

Visionary Biospheric Funk & Eco-Fusion music by multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and performer Ignat Karmalito – CitiZen of Peace.


The percussion piece by composer Sandeep Das "enacts the creation of the universe by Shiva and his drum" – a live performance by the Silk Road Ensemble.

And we let go ...

The final instalment of Futuresequence’s legendary Sequence compilations; another carefully curated glimpse into the world of ambient and drone-related music as it stands today.

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