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What’s interesting to watch is the internal movement: its amplitude, its reach is big. This is the powerful oscillation of the medicina. Ayahuasca offers us the experience of our own reality, lived from our irrational part. In short, there are no previews.

Jan Kounen
Guide for first-time users

25 feb 15 | Kounen, Visionary Ayahuasca
Detailing his own ayahuasca experiences over hundreds of sessions, including a trip when he underwent 17 ceremonies in 25 days, Kounen describes how ayahuasca transformed him. His accounts and additional information makes this book a veritable “what to expect” guide, a first step prior to committing to ayahuasca.




An illuminating exploration

20 feb 15 | Weinberg, To Explain the World
Theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg shows that the scientists of the past not only did not understand what we understand about the world – they did not understand what there is to understand. Through the struggle to solve such mysteries as for example the backward movement of the planets the modern discipline of science emerged.




Communicating the Unspeakable

13 feb 15 | Slattery, Xenolinguistics
The author documents her adventure of psychonautic exploration and scholarly research. From acquiring a symbolic language system to the discovery of other, dubbed xenolinguists to sifting through fields of knowledge such as anthropology and neurophenomenology to build maps and models to contextualize the experiences.




Hard-wired for Good

5 feb 15 | Pfaff, The Altruistic Brain
Based on his own work and that of some eminent researchers, neuroscientist Donald Pfaff explains how our brains, hormones, and genes literally embody our social compasses, and he explains in exquisite detail how our neuroanatomical structure favors kindness towards others.




Humanity’s Creative Role

27 jan 15 | Fideler, Restoring the Soul of the World
Drawing upon the most important scientific discoveries of recent times, David Fideler shows that even at the molecular level, natural systems engage in self-organization, self-preservation, and creative problem solving, mirroring the ancient idea of a creative intelligence that exists deep within the heart of nature.




Scientific examination

19 jan | Broderick, Goertzel, Evidence for Psi
The body of psi research, while complex and frustrating, is shown to contain sufficiently compelling positive evidence to convince the rational open-minded observer that psi is real, and that one or more physical processes probably underlie observed psi phenomena. This collection of essays provides a detailed, science based survey.




Our Multifunctional Mind

7 jan 15 | Thompson, Waking, Dreaming, Being
A renowned philosopher Evan Thompson combines the latest neuroscience research on sleep, dreaming, and meditation with Indian and Western philosophy of the mind, casting new light on the self and its relation to the brain. He shows that the self is a changing process, not a static thing.




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World's Oldest Art

culture | 23 dec 14 | Catherine Brahic, NewScientist
A shell etched by Homo erectus some 5000,000 years ago is by far the oldest engraving ever found, challenging what we know about the origin of art and complex human thought.

Is Consciousness Universal?

mind | 19 dec 14 | Christof Koch, Scientific American
Panpsychism, the ancient doctrine that consciousness is universal, offers some lessons in how to think about subjective experience today.

Digital Bedouin Seeks Digital Oasis

culture | 17 dec 14 | Tim Cole, The Futures Agency
There is no avoiding the fact that digital networks will change the way we work. The question that remains, however, is this: How will we cope? After all, we can’t all hope to profit equally; there are always winners and losers.

Journey to Find Iboga

article | 12 dec 14 | Bia Labate, gaiamedia
The Brazilian anthropologist and author landed at the airport in Yaoundé, with the aim of collecting data on a mysterious African root to which powerful therapeutic properties are attributed. An intriguing travelogue.

The Waters of Heterodoxy

science | 6 dec 14 | Charles Eisenstein
In The Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald Pollack offers an elegant new theory of water chemistry that has profound implications not only for chemistry and biology, but for the metaphoric foundation of our understanding of reality and our treatment of nature.

"Realists of a larger reality"

culture | 5 dec 14 | Matt Cardin, The Teeming Brain
Some powerful, moving, and beautiful words from Ursula K. Le Guin at the National Book Awards, where she used the opportunity to talk about the value of visionary literature.

Apocalypse No

science | 1 dec 14 | Christian Schwägerl, Reality Sandwich
An excerpt from The Anthropocene: The Human Era & How it Shapes our Planet by science and environment writer Christian Schwägerl – a visionary yet pragmatic and comprehensive exploration of the biggest questions we face as a species.

The World's First Vegetarian City

life | 27 nov 14 | Shuria Niazi, Worldcrunch
After monks went on a hunger strike to push for a citywide ban on animal slaughter, the local government declared Palitana a meat-free zone.

Earth’s natural internet

life | 21 nov 14 | Nic Fleming, BBC
Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi.

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactives

mind | 21 nov 14 | Interview: Douglas Capraro, Substance
Erowid – the Internet’s top source of accurate information about drugs has earned the trust of consumers, the respect of experts and a reputation as a harm reduction pioneer.

Life is quantum

science | 17 nov 14 | Johnjoe McFadden, Aeon
Weird quantum effects are so delicate it seems they could only happen in a lab. How on Earth can life depend on them?

Women, Orgasm, & Sexuality

life | 17 nov 14 | Sarah Barmak, Psychology Tomorrow
Despite our cultural obsession with sex, we know surprisingly little about how women experience the big “O.” An exploration of recent cutting edge research and titillating data uncovered about the enigmatic female orgasm.

Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain

science | 11 nov 14 | Brandon Keim, Wired
Psilocybin, the main psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, sprouts new links across previously disconnected brain regions, temporarily altering the brain’s entire organizational framework.

World Peace Through Technology

science | 7 nov 14 | Amon Twyman, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Most obviously “World Peace” means finding ways to avoid war and other forms of destructive conflict, and the impulse underlying that idea is to reduce involuntary suffering as much as possible.

How One Plant Spread Through the World

culture | 1 nov 14 | Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, lifescience
From the sites where prehistoric hunters and gatherers lived, to ancient China and Viking ships, cannabis has been used across the world for ages, and a new report presents the drug’s colorful history.

Meditation on Forgiveness

mind | 1 nov 14 | Peter Russell, YouTube
True forgiveness comes from letting go of our beliefs about how others should have behaved or how they’ve done wrong; releasing the grip this has on our consciousness. Video.

The Rise of Empathic Consciousness

mind | 30 oct 14 | Kingsley L. Dennis, Reality Sandwich
The accelerating changes occurring across our planet right now will have no alternative but to force a mind-change on a global and individual level. We are coming together as a global species like never before.

Identity, A Neurobiological Perspective

science | 30 oct 14 | William Skaggs, h+ Magazine
The philosophical problem of identity is epitomized by the paradox known as the “Ship of Theseus.” Suppose a ship is rebuilt by removing one plank at a time and replacing it with an identical new plank. Is it still the same ship?

A closed loop

life | 28 oct 14 Jamie Davies, Aeon
The DNA helix gave 20th-century biology its symbol. But the more we learn, the more life circles back to an older image.

A potential role of education in commons management

science | 28 oct 14 | Ralph H. Abraham
An extended version of the mathematician and chaos theorist’s paper on the demise of the oceans ecosystem, and an educational approach to turning it around.

Curiosity enhances learning

life | 21 oct 14 | Cell Press, ScienceDaily
The more curious we are about a topic, the easier it is to learn information about that topic. New research provides insights into what happens in our brains when curiosity is piqued.

Does the nervous system have an intrinsic archaic language?

science | 13 oct 14  H. Umit Sayin, NeuroQuantology
The paper reviews the possibility of an ancient forgotten visual sign and symbol language, which is genetically existent in the human brain and that, emerges out during trance states and the consciousness altered by the psychoactive plants.

Music's origins

culture | 7 oct 14 | Colin Barras, BBC
There is striking evidence, that music may have pre-dated modern man and originated with animals, allowing our distant ancestors to communicate and build societies.

How to avoid drowning in the Library of Babel

mind | 1 oct 14 | Rick Searle, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Sometimes the best way to see the future is by using the same tools we use in understanding the present.

The Thermodynamic Theory of Ecology

eco | 1 oct 14 | Veronique Greenwood, Quanta Magazine
The Western Ghats of India are one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. They were also the first testing ground of an unusual new theory in ecology that applies insights from physics to the study of the environment.

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LSD: The Opera

Represented by three sopranos, the opera charts the powerful historical ramifications – cultural, political, and spiritual – set into motion by Albert Hofmann’s discovery of lysergic acid diethylamide in 1943. Excerpt.

Diving into Andromeda

The sharpest ever taken images of Andromeda, our galactic next-door neighbor. At 2.3 million light-years, it is the closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way.

25 Trippy Optical Illusions

Visionary Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves is famous for creating paintings where the people or the objects in them seamlessly disappear into one another, effectively playing tricks on the mind of the viewer. Video.

Macro Photography

Nicky Bay went on 46 different shooting excursions in 2014 and discovered creatures that seem more at home in an Avatar movie than here on Earth.

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The World Is Made Of Language

Jason Silva freestyles his way into the complex systems of science, language and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of how language connects everything in a form of existential jazz.

Useful Knowledge

Jasmine Guffond’s music is kind, exploratory, and patient. Like a low mist, her music lingers and swirls in the air. It doesn’t seem like it’s in a hurry to move on, and that’s good news for the listener.

Finding Oriya

Jay Haze’s and ESBs music video is just downright unusual, including mind-bending video art by Claude Steiner, aka Trig Fardust.

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