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If we listen to what science is telling us, it becomes ever more clear that life and consciousness are fundamental to any understanding of the universe. This new perception of the nature of the universe is called Biocentrism.

Robert Lanza and Bob Berman
Radical new perspectives

17 may 16 | Lanza, Berman, Beyond Biocentrism
Acclaimed biologist Robert Lanza and leading astronomer Bob Berman, take the reader on an intellectual thrill-ride as they re-examine everything we thought we knew about life, death, the universe, and the nature of reality itself, in fields ranging from plant biology and cosmology to quantum entanglement and consciousness.




A deeper look at a psychedelic

9 may 16 |Beatriz Caiuby Labate and Clancy Cavnar, Peyote
This book explains the role that peyote – a hallucinogenic cactus – plays in the religious and spiritual fulfillment of certain peoples in the United States and Mexico, and examines pressing issues concerning the regulation and conservation of peyote as well as issues of indigenous and religious rights.




Challenges for the Sciences

27 apr 16 | Brockman, Life
Scientists’ understanding of life is progressing more rapidly than at any point in human history, from the extraordinary decoding of DNA to the controversial emergence of biotechnology. The book explains just how far we’ve come – and takes a brilliantly educated guess at where we’re heading.




Transformational teachings

19 apr 16 | Puett, Gross-Loh, The Path
Professor Michael Puett’s course at Harvard challenges all our modern assumptions about what it takes to flourish; so he says to his students: “The encounter with these ideas will change your life.” As one of them told his collaborator, author Christine Gross-Loh, “You can open yourself up to possibilities you never imagined were even possible.”




"Techniques of ecstasy"

11 apr 16 | Turner, Sky Shamans of Mongolia
Part travelogue, part experiential spiritual memoir, Kevin Turner takes us to visit with authentic shamans in the steppes and urban centers of modern-day Mongolia. Along the way, the author, a practicing shaman himself, tells of spontaneous medical diagnoses, all-night shamanic ceremonies, and miraculous healings.




Commonplace and universal

29 mar 16 | Nehamas, On Friendship
Acclaimed philosopher Alexander Nehamas shows that for centuries, friendship was as much a public relationship as it was a private one; he sheds light on why we love our friends and how they determine who we are, and who we might become. Close friendship is central to the good life.




Generosity and goodness

17 mar 16 | Jodorowsky, Farcet, Sacred Trickery and the Way of Kindness
In his new book, Alejandro Jodorowsky is revealed as a man who has grown into a brilliant spiritual maverick of the 21st century. He discusses the Way of Kindness he now follows, and how it can have a profound effect on your spirit, infusing life with a wealth of happiness.




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Where do minds belong?

life | 3 apr 16 | Caleb Scharf, Aeon
Intelligence could have been moving back and forth between biological beings and machine receptacles for aeons.

The Beasts That Keep the Beat

science | 1 apr 16 | Ferris Jabr, Quanta Magazine
New insights from neuroscience – aided by a small zoo’s worth of dancing animals – are revealing the biological origins of rhythm.

The Psychedelic Paradox

mind | 29 mar 16 | Fisher, Psychological Medicine, volteface
Ask anyone who has ever tried LSD, and they will tell you that ‘paradoxical’ is a fitting descriptor of its effects. Seeing, feeling and thinking seemingly impossible scenarios are the characteristic symptoms of this and other psychedelic drugs.

The Mattering Instinct

life | 29 mar 16 | Interview: Edge
A conversation with Rebecca Newberger Goldstein about that commitment to one’s own life that is inseparable from pursuing a coherent human life.

The enormous power of the unconscious brain

science | 25 mar 16 | Chris Baraniuk, BBC
A lot of the things we do in everyday life don’t need to involve our conscious mind. In many cases, the more we use it, the less effective we become.

Decriminalization of all drugs

life | 25 mar 16 | Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
A group of 22 medical experts convened by Johns Hopkins University and The Lancet have called today for the decriminalization of all nonviolent drug use and possession.

When Myth Became Fact and Men Became Mythmakers

culture | 23 mar 16 | David C. Downing, Patheos
Both C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien were engaged in mythopoesis, “myth making,” finding new stories in which to embody spiritual intuitions that seem to go as far back as humanity itself.

AI & The Future Of Civilization

culture | 21 mar 16 | Interview: Edge
A conversation with Stephen Wolfram, distinguished scientist, inventor, author, about how pretty obvious it is that we can automate many of the things that we humans have been proud of for a long time. What’s our future in that situation?

Enlightenment Through Fear of Dying

mind | 17 mar 16 | Interview: Gilles Farcet, Reality Sandwich
The following is excerpted from Sacred Trickery and the Way of Kindness: The Radical Wisdom of Jodo by Alejandro Jodorowsky with Gilles Farcet.

Consciousness: the product of balanced chaos?

mind | 15 märz 16 | David Schultz, Science
Our experience of reality may be the product of a delicate balance of connectivity between neurons – too much or too little and consciousness slips away.

Selfish or altruistic?

science | 11 feb 16 | Grit Hein et al., University of Zurich
Researchers have shown how peoples’ motives can be identified as they are characterized by a specific interplay between different brain regions, and how empathy motives increase altruistic behavior in selfish people.


eco | 9 feb 16 | Edward O Wilson, Aeon
Half of the Earth’s surface and seas must be dedicated to the conservation of nature, or humanity will have no future. See also Edward O Wilson’s latest book Half-Earth.

Perspectives on the current global crisis

culture | 7 mar 16 | Interview: Will Shonbrun, Project Censored
A conversation with Ralph Metzner, focusing on his book The Expansion of Consciousness.

Why do people use flotation tanks?

mind | 3 mar 16 | Tom Ireland, BBC, Magazine
Flotation tanks have been a niche interest of various “new-age” and hippy communities for decades, but in recent years the number of people using them in the UK has grown.

The neuroscience of creativity

science | 1 mar 16 | Tim Newman, Medical News Today
Neuroscientific investigations often cross the borders between scientific disciplines; from biology to psychology and to philosophy.

In the Throes of Change

culture | 29 feb 16 | Interview: Erin Lynch, WebVisions
A conversation with author, teacher, and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff about the economy, a new renaissance, and where things are going right and wrong.

The real story on the Chakras

mind | 23 feb 16 | Christopher Wallis, Tantrik Studies
This sure-to-be-controversial post unveils the truth – from the traditional perspective, anyway – about the subtle energy centers called chakras.

How the Brain Is Computing the Mind

science | 19 feb 16 | Interview: Edge
A conversation With Ed Boyden, professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT McGovern Institute.

The Energizing Effect of Humor

mind | 17 feb 16 | Association for Psychological Science
Watching funny cat videos at work may not be such a bad thing after all, as new research suggests that exposure to humorous stimuli may actually help people persevere in completing arduous tasks.

Hippie Hating

culture | 15 feb 16 | Francesca Fiorentini, Laugh to not to cry
From music to sex to style, we are all descendents of that early Neanderthal: the Hippie. Like it or not. So let’s stop throwing them under the VW bus, shall we?

My secret life

life | 11 feb 16 | Tiffany Jenkins, Aeon
Parents expect to know everything about their children’s lives. They need to remember that secrets are part of growing up.

Evolution may be smarter than we thought

science | 9 feb 16 | Richard A. Watson, University of Southampton, The Conversation
A new alternative for those questioning Darwinian evolution? Research suggests evolution itself is intelligent.

Entheogens in the Himalayan Foothills

mind | 5 feb 16 | Ralph H. Abraham, University of California, Santa Cruz
Reporting a miraculous week of entheogens and sadhus in a temple in the montane jungle of the Himalayan foothills back in 1972.

An Open Architecture for Self-Organization

culture | 3 feb 16 | Bonnitta Roy, Medium
There are three main reasons why organizations are looking for alternative architectures.

Rethinking Evolution

life | 1 feb 16 | Anne Fausto-Sterling, Boston Review
In the early 1990s, biologist and co-developer of the Gaia theory, Lynn Margulis, elaborated a sweeping claim: symbiosis lies at the explanatory heart of evolution. It seems she was right.

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Going Furthur
Fifty years after the iconic first Trip, Ken Kesey’s son Zane took Furthur - and his father’s legacy - back on the road for its longest running tour in history, armed with a new band of Merry Pranksters.

Our Beautiful Planet

A breathtaking portrait of Gaia from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before.

LSD’s Long, Strange Trip

In the 1960s, mind-altering drugs like LSD helped fuel the counter-culture. Today, psychedelics are turning on a new generation - of scientists. A New York Times retro report.

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Why Is the World So Beautiful?

Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek sees beauty as a compass for truth, discovery, and meaning. He’s the unusual scientist willing to analogize his discoveries about the deep structure of reality with deep meaning in the human everyday.

Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free

From Brian Eno’s album new and brilliant album The Ship.


Jason Silva chats with author Erik Davis about the intersectionality of technology, the human imagination and the phenomenon Davis coined "Techgnosis.”

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