oktober 2023 – gut zu besuchen

@ Cabaret Voltaire
The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Book signing for Wilde Zeiten  by Susanne G. Seiler – only available in German for now. Please feel welcome anyway!
Roger Liggenstorfer: Absinthe myths and mythology
The grandson of an absinthe bootlegger from the Jura and co-founder of the first (legal) absinthe bar in Switzerland, Die Grüne Fee in Solothurn, will introduce you to the Green Fairie. You’ll learn why absinthe was banned and what’s up with absinthe’s psychedelic effect. You will be able to try an original absinthe from the Val-de-Travers, be initiated into the rituals of absinthe drinking, and you will get to know interesting and funny myths about this legendary drink. Roger is the founder of the psychoactive publishing house Nachtschatten Verlag as well as co-founder of Eve & Rave drug checking.
Zürich Cabaret Voltaire | Spiegelgasse 1 | 12. Oktober | 18 – 21 h | CHF 15

@ gaiamedia lounge
The Psychedelic Salon Basel
Book signing for Wilde Zeiten  by Susanne G. Seiler – only available in German for now. Please feel welcome anyway!
Julia Jus: What it takes to be a trip sitter
Juia is a naturopath and midwife with over forty years of experience. Trip Stting is simple in some ways – you usually don’t have to do much – but demanding in many other respects. Come and learn more about it. You’ll be surprised.
Basel gaiamedia lounge | Hochstrasse 70 | 19 .Oktober | 18 – 21 h – CHF 15

Frontiers in Psychedelic Science
Jason K. Day: Do Psychedelics Expand Consciousness? A Phemonenological Consideration
Zürich | Uni Zürich | Rämistr. 71 | Room KOL F-121 | 2. Oktober | 18.15 – 19.45 h

PARAB (Psychedelic Awareness & Research Association Basel) 
The Mushroom Speaks – ein Film von Marion Neumann
Basel | Ostquai | Hafenstrasse 25 | 18. Oktober

Psychedelische Integration
mit Stephan Fundinger
Zürich | Obere Zäune 14 | 19. Oktober | 19-21 h

Integration psychedelischer Erfahrungen
mit Claude Weill – Veranstaltungsort auf Anfrage
Zürich | 19. Oktober | Beitritt jederzeit möglich

Integration psychedelischer Erfahrungen 
mit Claude Weill; genauer Veranstaltungsort bei Anmeldung
Zürich | 19. Oktober | 18.30 – 20 h | Beitritt jederzeit möglich.

Liquid Sound Club
Erlebe das Gefühl, umgeben von Farben und Musik, im warmen Salzwasser zu schweben. Immer am ersten Samstag des Monats.
Toskana Therme | Bad Sulza | Bad Orb | Bad Schandau

Spiritualität und Heilkunst
Tagung der Natura Naturans & des AT Verlag mit Gabriela Baumgartner, Markus Berger, Pascal Kalbermatten, Alexander Lauterwasser, Margret Madejsky, Dr. phil. Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Nana Nauwald, Marko Pogacnik, Olaf Rippe,  Dr. med. Johannes Wilkens, Ernst Zürcher, Svenja Zuther
Online |  Live | 3.-5. November 2023

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