januar 2024 – gut zu besuchen

@ Cabaret Voltaire
Psychedelic Integration mit Iris Andres findet diesen Monat nicht statt, weil:

The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Iris Andres: Psychedelic Integration 
Iris works as a breath coach and a certified Holotropic Breathwork teacher. She also studied somatic bodywork and body-centered psychotherapy and has developed her own way of integrating psychedelic journeys.
Followed by a panel, led by Susanne G. Seiler, featuring Iris Andres, Stephan Fundinger, Valentina Manini, and Claude Weill, all of whom are involved in Psychedelic Integration.
Zürich | Cabaret Voltaire | Spiegelgasse 1 | 11 January | 6-9 pm

@ gaiamedia lounge
The Psychedelic Salon Basel
Susanne G. Seiler
The Hidden History of LSD and the First Woman to Try It
Egot, from which LSD is produced, is a plant designed for women, one of the four plants the fertility goddess Demeter is said to have introduced to Greece. The saga of ergot and its psychedelic effects began in antiquity and ends in the laboratories of Sandoz and far beyond.
Basel | gaiamedia lounge | Hochstrasse 70 | 18 January | 6-9 pm

Liquid Sound Club
Bad Sulza | Toskana Therme | 6. Januar 2024

Eventi letterari
Stefan Zweifel, Kurator der diesjährigen Eventi, spricht in deren Vorfeld am 15. Februar im Cabaret Voltaire über Antonin Artaud und Peyotl.
Ascona | Hotel Monté Veritá | 21. – 24. März 2024

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