goodnews märz 24 – gut zu besuchen

@ gaiamedia lounge

Kasia Kopanska, PhD.: Embodied Expansion – Psychedelics & Bodywork
How to prepare the body to release trauma during psychedelic experiences. What physical reactions to expect; how to integrate and hold expanded consciousness in the body tissues; how people in the past have used various ways of working with body to enter into altered states of consciousness; how and why the body has been forgotten in the process of consciousness expansion; how this differs in men and women
Basel gaiamedia lounge | Hochstrasse 70 | Thursday, 14 March | 6-9 pm / CHF 15/10

@ Cabaret Voltaire
The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Postponed to 21 March!
Claude Weill: A Return Ticket to Elysium – Psychedelics in the Second Half of Life
Claude is the author of Elysium hin und zurück (A return ticket to Elysium). The nine people portrayed in the book are all in the second half of life, bring with them a wide variety of life backgrounds, work in different professions or are already retired. For them, the regular or occasional use of mind-altering substances represents an access to extraordinary experiences of spiritual-mystical dimensions. This is the topic of tonight’s Salon.
Zürich Cabaret Voltaire Spiegelgasse 1 | Thursday, 21 March | 6-9 pm | CHF 15/10

Liquid Sound Club
Alle Events auf einen Blick
Bad Sulza / Bad Orb / Bad Schandau | Samstag. 2. März 2024

Psychedelische Integration
mit Stephan Fundinger
Zürich | Obere Zäune 14 | 14. März 2024 19-21 h

Integration psychedelischer Erfahrungen
mit Claude Weill; genauer Veranstaltungsort bei Anmeldung
Zürich | 14. März 2024 | 18.30 – 20 h | Beitritt jederzeit möglich.

The Dark Side of the Moon
Erleben Sie das legendäre Album Dark Side of the Moon von Pink Floyd als Planetarium-Erlebnis und begeben sie sich visuell und auditiv in neue Sphären.
Luzern | Verkehrshaus | noch 2 Vorstellungen bis 22.März

ICBC – International Cannabis Conference Berlin
The International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin is Europe’s largest and longest-running industry B2B event and serves as Germany’s biggest annual gathering of influential political and business leaders.
Berlin | Estrel Hotel | 16. Und 17. April 2024

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