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@ Cabaret Voltaire
The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Chris Corbett Writers and Inner Visions: A Colorful History of Psychedelic Literature from the 1800’s to today.
Aldous Huxley, Carlos Castaneda, John Lilly, Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters, Timothy Leary, Tao Lin or the author’s Nirvana Blues – many authors have written about the psychedelic experience, and there’s a lot to talk about.
Zürich | Cabaret Voltaire | Spiegelgasse 1 | Thursday, 13 June | 6-9 pm | CHF 15/10

The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Peer-to-Peer Psychedelics with Luisa and Nizzy
To register, please contact Luisa here.
Zürich |Cabaret Voltaire| Spiegelgasse 1 |Thursday, 27 June | 18.30 – 20:30 h | CHF 5

@ gaiamedia lounge
The Psychedelic Salon Basel
Christine Heidrich: Navigation of Consciousness
Christine Heidrich ( studied architecture at the University of Hanover and architectural history and theory at Zürich’s ETH. Domiciled in Switzerland and Spain, she acts as an architect, a cultural mediator, translator, and an author. .
Basel | gaiamedia lounge| Thursday, 20 May | Hochstrasse 70 | 6-9 p.m. | CHF 15/10

Ayahuasca Healing, Science and Indigenous Knowledge
Organized by the Chacruna Institute
Online course | 1 April – 8 July 2024

Pathways to Access Summit (Paths)
Psychedelic Therapeutics in Europe and Beyond
Haarlem | NL | 5 June 24 | all day ev

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Suor (Snow Raven) & Misha Mishenko
A hymn to the earth. “Homeland is not only a place where we were born or live; it is where our soul takes refuge and finds its own peace!” Suor Snow Raven was born in one of the most remote and cold inhabited places in the world – the Republic of Sakha – Yakutia (arctic Siberia). She was three years old when she started to learn the language of birds and animals. Her archaic music strikes a chord deep within us and reminds us what it means to be a dedicated spiritual warrior for the earth. (SGS)
Sony Music

I never took my ritaline
On my knees
These guys are too good to pass up. If you don’t like (t) rap, electro or hiphop: drop it like it’s hot! For everybody else: “I Never Took My Ritalin (CH) is like a speed date between Lamborghini Tarot – the alter ego of Swiss rapper, actress and clown Martina Momo Kunz – and Belinda, the alter ego of French sousaphonist, rapper and producer Victor Hege. Their unusual abilities merge to create a crazy, hyperactive, theatrical, long-term musical experience.” Very funny too. (Rapid Open Air)
No label yet?

Love Me Je Je
Temilade Openiyi (born 11 June 1995), known professionally as Tems, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. She is known to a larger audience for having covered Bob Marly for the movie Wakanda Forever and has shattered many ceilings. In 2024, Tems announced that her upcoming debut studio album Born in the Wild will be released on 7th June and will be supported by the Born in the Wild World Tour. Brought up in a Christian environment, Tems is influenced by R&B and hip-hop; she cites a variety of artists as influences, including Nigerian and African artists. (SGS)
Sony Music

Omah Lay
Stanley Omah Didia (born 19 May 1997), known professionally as Omah Lay, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. He grew up in Port Harcourt and comes from a musical family. Starting out as a rapper, Lay soon began to write his own music and produced several local hits until a collaboration with Justin Bieber led to international fame. A second collaboration supported his debut album Boy Alone, with which he went on tour, soon reaching record numbers of fans.

Arooj Aftab
Night Reign
Arooj Aftab (born March 11, 1985) is a Pakistani American singer, composer, and producer. A Grammy Award-winning artist, she has worked in various musical styles and idioms, including jazz and minimalism. Arooj is blessed with a mesmerizing voice, sweet as honey, Born in Saudi Ariabia, she and his parents moved to Lahore when she was ten. She taught herself the guitar and styled herself: after Billie Hoiliday, Mariah Carey as wel as local singers such as Begum Akhtar and Hairprasad Chaurasia. The scale of Aftab’s musical inheritances are on display in her two most recent albums, of which Love in Exile was the first and Night Reign is the second. Extraordinary.

goodnews editorial

The psychedelic community overwhelmingly believes in spirits – both good and bad, whereby it is thought that positive entities outweigh negative beings six to one.

Of course there are also many who don’t believe in anything outside of themselves, as well as those who are not sure. Are spirits real, or are they a figment of our imagination? Our visions and dreams testify to the rich history and mysterious dimension of our minds. Spirits are often a patr of it, especially on psychedelics. Should we be frightened? Fascinated? Indifferent? Is it wishful thinking? Madness?

We distinguish human, vegetal and elemental spirits. They are not firm; their bodies are made up of spiritual energy. They show themselves to us under many guises, shifting shape for us to better see and comprehend them. They feed us, and they feed on us. Six to one? They live in a dimension that doesn’t cross ours easily anymore since our world is full of things now. Even so, everything has a spirit, man-made objects included, and it is up to us to recognize spirit in matter and in the ethereal. For monotheists, there’s nothing but one spirit – called God, Allah, Yahweh. Except for the hierarchy of angels, sometimes intimidating but basically benevolent. For the Abrahamic religions, all other sprits are bad news.

Yet spirits are present in all cultures. Some have more power than others. That may frighten some people. But at the end of the day, they take form in relation to us, in destructive or constructive ways. When they are among themselves, they are pure energy. And now that we are spending more time outdoors and in nature again, we also have more opportunities to contact them if we wish and feel comfortable doing so.

Spiritually Yours,
Susanne G. Seiler

P.S. You’ll find us at the gaiamedia lounge, in the back yard of Hochstrasse 70 (behind Basel’s SBB station, tram stop Peter Merian), every Thursday afternoon from 14 – 18 h. Welcome!

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Women and Psychedelics. Uncovering Invisible Voices. A Chacruna Anthology

Erika Dyck, Clancy Cavnar, Partick Farrell, Ibrahim Gabriell, Beatriz C. Labate, Glauber Loures de Assis (Eds.)
This collection of short essays examines the place of women in the history of psychedelics. While some of the subjects are pioneers in their own right, the authors in this collection go beyond merely adding women to the past in psychedelic history, exploring some of the significant ways that women have contributed to psychedelic knowledge. It is the first collection of its kind to balance non-English contributions through translation of stories exploring different cultural contexts outside the United States, where women have contributed to this enduring history.
Synergetic Press

Blotto. Adventures and Misadventures in Psychedelia

Kevin Barron
A roller coaster ride through the counterculture underground world of the illicit drug LSD. Blotto tells the story of artist Kevin Baron’s involvement over forty years in the design, production and supply of “Blotter Art”, the main distribution method for the renowned compound, a journey that took him all around the world. Purchase of the hardback version of Blotto entitles the buyer to a free blotter from the author. For details on claiming, please read the notification on the book’s inside last page.
Self-piublished here

Blotter. The Untold Story of an Acid Medium

Erik Davis
The first comprehensive account of the history, art, and design of LSD blotter paper, the iconic drug delivery device that will perhaps forever be linked to underground psychedelic culture and contemporary street art. Created in collaboration with Mark McCloud’s Institute of Illegal Images, the world’s largest archive of blotter art, Davis’s boldly illustrated exhibition treats his outsider subject with the serious, art-historical respect it deserves, while also staying true to the sense of play, irreverence, and adventure inherent in psychedelic exploration.
MIT Press

Summoned by the Earth. Becoming a Holy Vessel for Healing Our World

Cynthia Jurts
The most pressing question in these uncertain times may well be. How can we bring healing and protection to the Earth? It was this very question that Cynthia Jurs carried with her in 1990 as she climbed a path high in the Himalayas, to meet an “old wise man in a cave”—a venerated lama from Nepal. In response to her question, the old lama gave her a formidable assignment based on an ancient practice from Tibet: she must procure earth treasure vases made of clay and potent medicines, fill them with prayers and symbolic offerings, and bury them around the world where healing is called for. A fascinating journey!

Every Living Thing. The Great and Deadly Race to Know all Life

Jason Roberts
In the 18th century, two men dedicated their lives to identifying and describing all life on Earth. Carl Linnaeus believed that life belonged in tidy, static categories. Georges-Louis de Buffon viewed life as a dynamic swirl of complexities. Each began his task believing it to be difficult but not impossible: How could the planet possibly hold more than a few thousand species – or as many as could fit on Noah’s Ark? Both fell far short of their goal, but in the process they articulated starkly divergent views on nature, the future of the Earth, and humanity itself.

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psychoactive | British Medical Society (BMS) | 1 May
Psilocybin for treating symptoms of depression: systematic review and meta-analysis

psychoactive | New York Times | 2 May
Peggy Melon Hitchcock was a close friend of Timothy Leary

Redefining psychdelics
eco | Time | 2 May
Rick Doblin and the dream of a lifetime

Tesla’s dream
science |  Futurism | 3 May
Large solar sail to be unfurled in space by NASA

psychoactive |  Metro | 4 May
How a “party drug” changed everything

psychoactive | | 4 May
2.5 million US$ allocated to clinical MDMA trial involving flood survivors

psychoactive |  Business of Cannabis | 8 May
Germany is quick to apply its new cannabis laws

psychoactive | IFL News | 8 May
This toad holds an answer to treating depression

psychoactive | Aeon | 9 May
How the world was dosed with LSD

Positive effect
psychoactive | Marijuana Moment | 9 May
American users of cannabis and psychedelics have an overwhelmingly good time

psychoactive | The New York Times | 12 May
Drugs, Sacraments or Medicine?

psychoactive | Mutual Art | 15 May
The symbolic art of the Wixárika people

Coffee Shops
psychoactive | Eater | 21 May
Caifornia takes important step towards reopening cannabs cafés

Weed over booze
psychoactive | The New York Times | 23 May
Cannabis as the daily American drug of choice

Electric Harps
culture | Reasons to be cheerful | 23 May
Bees saved from invasive hornet attacks

psychoactive | Marijuana Moment | 23 May
Federal health agency recognizes its therapeutic value

psychoactive | Double Blind | 27 May
When the police turns to psychedelics

science | The New York Times | 28 May
How and where to see this unique phenomenon

good to meet

Plants of the Gods
Part 1 — Ayahuasca and Tobacco Shamanism: an Interview with Ethnobotanist Dr. Glenn Shepard

Transform Drug Policy Foundation
An independent, UK-based charity working nationally and internationally towards a just and effective system of legal regulation for all drugs.

Harm reduction and help for psychedelic, and/or spiritual emergencies at festivals and other peer meetings are a necessity wherever people get together in large numbers.


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