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@ Gaia Media
The Psychedelic Salon Zürich
Internal Family Systems and Ketamine Therapy with Valentina Manini
Zürich | Anwandstr. 66 | 10 November 22 | 18 – 22 h

The Psychedelic Salon Basel
@ Gaia Media Lounge
Movie Night
Basel | Hochstrasse 70 | 17 November 22 | 18 – 22 h

Nights Conference
With more than 150 speakers and panelist from all over Europe,
including Susanne G. Seiler
Zürich | Mäx Club/Maag Halle | Moods | Hive | |Helsinki / Photobastei | 10 – 12 November 22

Psychonauts of Zurich
Happy hour – meet, greet, and hang out
Zürich |   El Lokal | Gessnerallee 11 | Sunday, 13 November | 18 – 21 h

IFS-Based Psychedelic Integration
with Valentina Manini
Zürich |  Tuesday, 29 November 22 | 18.30 – 21 h (by application only)

Mãe D’Agua Sacred Medicine Festival
The Union of the Condor and the Eagle
A tribal gathering the Chapada dos Veadeiros with medicine people from a great variety of traditions as well as the Mãe D’Agua Tribe.
Alto Paraíso de Golás (Brazil)  | 12 January – 2 February 22

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This is Why
Paramore is an alternative rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. Their debut album, titled All We Know Is Falling, was released in the United States on July 26, 2005. Paramore was the birth name of the mother of a former bassist of the band. Because this name pleased the singer Hayley Williams and the other band members well, they named the band after it. That the name Paramore is also a homophone of the outdated English word “paramour” (Engl.: lover), the band noticed only later. (Wikipedia)
Atlantic Records

Toro y Moi
Chaz Bear (born Chazwick Bradley Bundick in 1986), known professionally as Toro y Moi, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and graphic designer. His mother immigrated to the United States from the Philippines as a teenager, and Bear spent his life mostly with Filipinos. In mid-2009, he was signed to Carpark Records, on which he released his debut Toro y Moi full-length album, Causers of This. His 8th Album, Mahal (Love), was released last April. Millennium is a new composition and video that came out last month.
Dead Oceans

Brandi Carlile
Space Oddity from In the Canyon Haze
Brandi Carlile (1981) is a U.S. singer-songwriter and six-time Grammy Award winner.Brandi grew up listening to country music in her rural home and first performed on stage with her mother when she was eight years old. After that, she discovered more rock music for herself and moved to Seattle at seventeen, where she performed as a solo and backing musician. She later teamed up with twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth to form a rock & roll band, but Carlile’s songwriter folk rock style began to dominate more and more. Today, the brothers back her up.
ATO Records

Seasons Change
MorMor (born 1992 in Toronto as Seth Nyquist) is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Nyquist sang in the school choir and played trumpet in a band. He dropped out of university to focus on his musical career and took piano and vocal lessons. In 2015, he released his debut EP Live for Nothing under the pseudonym MorMor, but it went largely unnoticed. In 2018, he released the EP Heaven’s Only Wishful through his own label Don’t Guess.
Don’t Guess

Tom Skinner
Tom Skinner (born 26 January 1980 in London) is a British jazz and pop-rock drummer. Skinner started playing drums at the age of nine and attended workshops at the Weekend Arts College in London between 1993 and 1996. In 2021, he became a founding member of The Smile, which also included Radiohead musicians Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood; they made their first live appearance together in May 2021 at the Glastonbury Festival. Their first album A Light for Attracting Attention, produced by Nigel Godrich, was released on May 13, 2022.
Nonesuch Records

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Many of you are too young to know what rough tones prevailed in the heated, revolutionary sixties and seventies. We saw ourselves as street fighting men or women, we were part of the student movement or the underground and, unfortunately, some turned to terrorism. All this in the name of a revolution that didn’t happen the way it was planned. That it had been cultural in nature only surfaced a decade later. In psychology, encounter groups were popular, where people yelled at each other and called each names. Anything went if it was confrontative and brought one’s feelings out in the open: to abandon the social masks imposed by the stifling social norms of afterwar society.
When I compare this hostility with what I heard at my dentist’s, it makes me laugh. Said one assistant to the other, “Would you feel comfortable coming to work an hour early tomorrow?” These are sensitivities we simply couldn’t afford.
It must be possible to put others through unpleasantness and communicate directly without attacking them or striking the demanding tone common in offices and factories in the old days. And these others must be willing to accept criticism without running off to sulk. Since the wild hippie & revolutionary years, we’ve turned within and become more considerate of each other and increasingly also of other religions, races, ethnicities, and cultures. These have long become part of the mainstream and populate even the smallest villages, as I am always interested to note. I like multicultural society, it enriches our lives, and if we travel abroad for the most diverse purposes, I see no reason why other nationalities shouldn’t do the same.
There have always been people who believe they have risen above others. Aware, enlightened, woke, they know what is right and what is wrong, what one should believe, what is proper, and what good taste is. Jokes about other nationalities or religions? Fie! Barefaced in any way? Oh My God! Everything must be veiled, except for Moslem women. Adopt values and expressions of other cultures? Certainly not! We keep our values pure here. No mixing please or you will be canceled! If I tell my Sicilian neighbour an Italian joke with a wink, it can no longer be banter, because I am insulting his values, his country, his integrity. The same goes for the tiresome dreadlocks debate, and who should wear them. And what about old movies and books giving an incorrect view of Native Americans, Black Americans, and Asian Americans? Of course, I’m for the representation of minorities in cinematography and elsewhere. But to throw out the baby with the bath water seems unwise to me. Children should still be allowed to read Tom Sawyer (some Dr. Seuss books less so). Negro used to be a common word. But, for reasons of segregation and racism, black people feel hurt by this designation, let alone the n-word. Calling people names is always out. That’s what our children need to be told.
Common sense is the order of the day, you choose what works and what you can’t expect your neighbors and fellow citizens to understand or suffer. Or would you rather stick to self-appointed moralizers or form your opinion in the social media, where a bunch of losers and haters troll themselves to sad celebrity?
By the way, I am looking for 2.2 million Swiss francs for the narrow house on Spalenberg in Basel, where Dieter Hagenbach, who started the Gaia Media Foundation, lived for many years. We would like to turn it into an LSD museum. Is anyone out there willing and able to help us out?

Susanne G. Seiler

P.S. You’ll find us at the Gaia Lounge, Hochstrasse 70 in Basel (near Basel SBB main station,  tram stop Peter Merian) every Thursday afternoon from 14 – 18 h. Welcome!

i was surviving

to keep it short and sweet, someone shoved a coffee mug
into my hand, the click of a tongue in the dark
was the sound of a mountain crumbling in my fist, the sand
settling between my teeth came with no instructions,
I was quiet for months on end, waltzed backwards
into the city and played dead, holding hands with myself
while lying in the intersection, violins which stopped me abruptly,
the new coming too late, O, my god, I don’t want to be funny
about it, but I don’t want it to be sad, I just want people
to stop looking at me like a broken plate, like O,
here’s some bubble gum, go glue yourself together, O,
here’s a severed hand to pat yourself with
when no-one’s watching, here’s my watch, here’s my shirt, here’s
my heart, it’s bloody, taste it.

 Jarrett Moseley

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The Varieties of Spiritual Experience — 21st Century Research and Perspectives

Andrew Newberg 
Spiritual experiences have occurred within people around the world and throughout history, up to and including the present day. The founders of every major religion described them, philosophers since antiquity have pondered them, and according to recent polls, about thirty percent of people still report them. A century ago, philosopher and psychologist William James famously analyzed accounts of these experiences and raised questions for future scientific study. Now, modern science has some answers.
Oxford University Press

Uncertain Places. Essays on Occult & Outsider Experiences

Mitch Horowitz
All of us today dwell in uncertain places – realities in which thoughts make things happen. ESP is provable by the scientific methods once used to debunk it, UFOs are mainstream, and magick no longer requires rite and ritual but is as near as your own mind. Today’s leading voice of esotericism and the occult, Mitch Horowitz, an award-winning historian, offers a thought-provoking investigation of the spiritual, the occult, the magickal, and the extra-physical.
Inner Traditions

The Q

Amy Tintera
Seventeen-year-old Maisie Rojas has spent her entire life in the Q—a post-pandemic quarantine zone that was once Austin, Texas. Born and raised behind the high security walls that sealed their fate, she’s now a trusted lieutenant for one of the territory’s controlling families. Lennon Pierce, the charismatic son of a US presidential candidate, has just been kidnapped by his father’s enemies and dropped out of a plane into the. Maisie must get him out or he will be permanently infected and forced to remain.
Penguin Random House

High-Risk Homosexual. A Memoir

Edgar Gomez
In a world desperate to erase us, queer Latinx men must find ways to hold on to pride for survival, but excessive male pride is often what we are battling, both in ourselves and in others. A debut memoir about coming of age as a gay, Latinx man,High-Risk Homosexual opens in the ultimate anti-gay space: Edgar Gomez’s uncle’s cockfighting ring in Nicaragua, where he was sent at thirteen years old to become a man. Gomez shares a hard-won path to taking pride in the parts of himself he was taught to keep hidden.
Soft Scull Press

The Flowering Wand. Rewilding the Sacred Masculine

Sophie Strand
Long before the sword-wielding heroes of legends readily cut down our forests, and vanquished their enemies, there were playful gods, animal-headed kings, mischievous lovers, trickster harpists, and vegetal magicians with flowering wands. As eco-feminist Sophie Strand discovered, these wilder, more magical modes of the masculinity have always been hiding in plains sight. Sharing eight years of research, Strand leads us back into the forgotten landscapes and hidden secrets of familiar myths
Inner Traditions

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Open Source Initiative
As the leading voice on the policies and principles of open source, the OSI helps build a world where the freedoms and opportunities of open source software can be enjoyed by all.

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Chronic disease
psychoactive | The Microdose | 3 October
The role of cannabis and psychedelics in long-term illnesses

Native American women
culture | Smithsonian Magazine | 4 October
Hundreds of locations across the USA to remove racial slur

Criminally sneaky
psychoactive | Lucid News | 5 October
Dosed without consent – what to do?

psychoactive | Washington Post | 5 September
Interest and use are growing, but much remains unknown

Presidential pardon
psychoactive | Rolling Stone | 6 October
Federal weed convictions to be overturned to end “failed approach” to cannabis possession

Santo Daime
psychoactive |  Lucid News | 10 October
How an ayahuasca church paved the way for the legalization of psychedelics

A different view
psychoactive | Mindbetter | 11 October
Psychedelics may make it easier to change your thinking

nature |  Psyche | 12 October
Countless creatures share a sense of numbers

Game changer
psychoactive | On Drugs | 12 October
Presidential pardon for marijuana users has broad legal implications

Proposition 122
psychoactive | Colorado Sun | 14 October
Colorado voters will decide on possession and use of magic mushrooms

Cycling Amsterdam
eco | Bloomberg | 14 October
How to design streets around the needs of cyclists, not drivers

Both sides now
psychoactive |  The Guardian | 18 October
Psychedelics don’t have political preferences

Marked differences
psychoactive | Mindbetter | 21 October
Psychedelics lead to health benefits, but not for minorities

Hear, hear!
psychoactive | Colorado Sun | 24 October
Arguments in favor of psilocybin legalization

science | Digitaltrends | 24 October 26, 2022
Content of the entire internet transferred in one second

Spontaneous Revolutions
science | Public Domain Review | 26 October
Darwin’s love of plants and the discovery of their growth patterns

Jolly fellows
science | Inverse | 30 October
All about pumpkins

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