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Double Blind Magazine: Psychedelics and Parenting 
With Rebecca Kronman and Andrew Rose, founders of Planned Parenthood
Virtual event | 3 October 21 | 12 p.m. PT

Fantastic Fungi Global Summit
Fungi summit hosted by Fantastic Fungi filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg
Exact live schedule coming soon – register now!
Free virtual event | 15 – 17 October 21

ALPS Conference 2021
Promoted by PALA – the Psychedelic Association of Lausanne
Awareness Lectures on Psychedelic Science
Lausanne University Center | 29 – 31 October 21

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Wyn Starks feat. Andreas Moss
«A modern-day pop-soul pioneer, Wyn Starks builds a bridge between the old-school music that filled his childhood and the grooves, hooks and genre-bending bounce of contemporary radio. It’s a sound that celebrates not only the multi-octave range of his elastic vocals, but also the power of his songwriting… Raised in Minneapolis, Wyn sang his first solos in church. The soaring power of gospel music took a hold of him at a young age, as did the pop songs, soul records, and R&B hits that he’d loisten tp at home, hidden from the rest of the world behind his family’s couch, headphones pressed to his ears. To Wyn, it all sounded like magic… And what, exactly does Wyn Starks sound like? He sounds like the rare sort of songwriter who blurs the boundaries between genres and generations.»
Let’s Play House Bandcamp | February 21

can’t stop me from dying
Ada Lea
one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden is the name of the second album by Canadian songwriter Alexandra Levy, publicly known by the moniker Ada Lea. It is a collection of walking-paced, cathartic pop/folk songs but also a book of heart-twisting, rear-view stories of life. The Album is set in Montreal and each song exists as a dot on a personal history map of the city where Levy grew up. Ada Lea has followed up the creative, indie-rock songcraft of her debut album what we say in private with surprising arrangements and new perspectives. Ada penned and demoed this batch of songs in an artist residency in Banff, Alberta. After sorting and editing, she made her way to L.A. to record them with Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers) with whom she had previously collaborated.
Saddle Creek & Next Door Records | September 21

Introvert – from the album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
Little Simz
This bombastic 4th studio album was released by the British rapper and singer of Nigerian origins early last month, and some of it was shot in Lagos. «The subject of empowering black people is strong on the intro track. Some may recently have started to discuss this topic as the Black Lives Matters movement has been more prevalent in recent time. However, Little Simz makes it clear that her thoughts on this topic aren’t new. Everything she raps abut on this is how she has been feeling all her life. (GRM) » «’Introvert’ kicks off the album with a smooth array of tribal drums, hazy choir hits, and triumphant horns… Immediately the listener is hit with an unapologetic, prideful, and cinematic vibe reinforced by the elements and vocal tendencies that present themselves later on in the track.» (Basketrap)
AWAL | September 21

Beethoven’s 10th Symphony completed by AI
Deutsche Telekom
A first short soundbite is offered by Deutsche Telekom, the electronic access provider, the entire symphony premieres in Bonn, on 9 October. But you may still want to go on listening. AI has a lot to offer when it comes to dead composers and completing their work. “Taryn is no stranger to the music and entertainment industry. She is a singer and digital storyteller who has amassed more than 500 million views on YouTube, and she has over 450 thousand subscribers. On the other hand, Amper is making his debut…except she’s (it’s?) not a person.» (Futurism) That was four years ago, and compositions with the aid of AI composers have since exploded. Claire Boucher, aka as Grimes, who is closer to such realties than most of us, says AI will usher in an era of “luxurious communism”. That will certainly be true for artificially created music, where sharing will go way beyond caring. (sgs)
Telekom Forum | Bonn | 9 October 21

Ásgeir Trausti (Einarsson, 1992) is an Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician. He won several categories at the 2012 Islandic Music Awards as well as being awarded the European Border Breaker Award 2014. The Guardian hailed him as Iceland’s biggest musical export since Björk. It wasn’t easy for Ásgeir to break through. He was born in a village with only 40 souls far off in the lyrical countryside so that it took him a while to get well-known anywhere, he says. His father, the poet Einar Georg Einarsson, contributes  most of the lyrics to his songs. Ásgeir Trausti performs with his own band, the Ásgeir Trausti Band. He also plays guitar in the Icelandic band The Lovely Lion. (Wikipedia) He lives in Reijkjavik.
One Little Indian | September 21

goodnews editorial

Language barriers

We Swiss are very fond of our dialects. We believe that they are ours to keep. We police them. To prevent anyone from learning them (though a few courses exist), we scrupulously make sure that our most vulnerable immigrants are not provided with enough lessons to educate them beyond a very basic linguistic level. More language classes are needed for the shy vendor of Surprise (a mag sold by the homeless) outside our local supermarket, who has no colloquial practice with natives like me. He was trying to tell me that my bike rack was not up. Very thoughtful. My friend Brigitte, who immigrated to Switzerland over forty years ago and has long since held a Swiss passport, complains that to this day she is always picked on because of her language. Her Swiss German is not Swiss German enough, her German not German enough. And where in Germany is she from? Quite impertinent, of course ‘without meaning any harm’. Even without an office or law to keep Swiss German dialects clean, Germans and Austrians must follow an embarrassing protocol if they want to make themselves at home with us. Swiss German is taboo! Please only understand, don’t speak our language, you wouldn’t be able to anyway, hardly anyone who didn’t grow up here can. There is a grace period, for reasons of civility, for German-speaking foreigners who do not live right on the border. The fact that Swiss work colleagues repeatedly fall back into their dialects with their countryfolk instead of using the German language is part of it. But we don’t want to impose ‘proper German’ on our former neighbours beyond what is necessary. What are they thinking? Brigitte asked me, in disgust. That their German is that good? Our fellow citizens from the north and the east have long opened to our dialects. They understand us well. So why strain the German language any longer? While they regale us with their own language, we speak ours, giving them a better chance to integrate and interact with us. And, as a bonus, we may be a little humbler. Or should we all speak English? Learning languages is worthwhile. Unless you live in Switzerland, where everyone automatically seems to think they know everything better than you do.
Too bad, that.

Linguistically yours,
Susanne G. Seiler


He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity’s sunrise.

William Blake

good to read

The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook

Virginia Haze and Dr. K. Mandrake, PhD
If you’ve mastered the art of growing mushrooms at home and have your growing method tuned in perfectly, or you’ve just got very good at foraging and have a reliable patch, you’ll have an endless stream of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. But where do you go from here? What’s the best method of extraction to minimize loss, and how can you stave off the dreaded nausea every time you dose? What’s the deal with microdosing, and how do you do it safely? And if you want to put on a three-course dosed dinner for a few of your best friends, what are the best dishes to cook? All these questions are answered, deliciously, in The Psilocybin Chef Cookbook. Fully illustrated, with mouth watering full-color photos throughout.
External catalogues | September 21

The Mind of Plants. Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence

Edited by John C. Ryan, Patricia Veira and Monica Cagliano
This book offers an accessible account of the idea of “the plant mind” by bringing together short essays and poems on plants and their interactions with humans. The texts interpret the theme broadly—from the ways that humans mind and unmind plants to the mindedness or unmindedness of plants themselves. Authors from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences have written about their personal connections to particular plants, reflecting upon their research on plant studies in a style amenable to a broad audience. Each of the authors has selected a plant that functions as a guiding thread to their interpretation of “the mind of plants.” From the ubiquitous rose to the ugly hornwort, from the Amazonian ayahuasca to tobacco, the texts reflect the multifarious interactions between humans and flora.
Ingram Publishers Service | October 21

Psychedelic Justice. Toward a Diverse and Equitable Psychedelic Culture

Beatriz Labate and Clancy Cavnar (Eds.)
Radical, cultural transformation is the guiding force behind this socially visionary anthology. Its unifying value is social justice. The book highlights Chacruna’s ongoing work promoting diversity and inclusion by prominently featuring voices that have been long marginalized in Western psychedelic culture: women, queer people, people of color, and indigenous people. The essays examine both historical and current issues within psychedelics that many may not know about. The essays examine both historical and current issues within psychedelics that many may not know about, and orient around policy, reciprocity, diversity and inclusion, sex and power, colonialism, and indigenous concerns. We believe the book can be another tool to help Chacruna and its allies continue to push for justice and inclusion in the greater psychedelic culture.
Synergetic Press | October 21

Psychedelics & Psychotherapy. The Healing Potential of Expanded States

Tim Read & Maria Papaspyrou (Eds.)
An exploration of the latest developments from the flourishing field of modern psychedelic psychotherapy. Tim Read, M.D., is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, with degrees in neuroscience and medicine. He is involved in clinical research at King’s College and Imperial College, London University, on the therapeutic use of psychedelics. He has completed trainings in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology with Stanislav Grof. The author of Walking Shadows and co-author of Breaking Open, he lives in London. Maria Papaspyrou, MSc, is an integrative psychotherapist, supervisor, and family constellations facilitator. The co-editor of Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine, she lives in Brighton, England. Together, the authors are co-directors of the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy in the UK.
Park Street Press | October 21

Animal Power. 100 Animals to Energize Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Alyson Charles
Brimming with 100 different vibrant animal illustrations, transformative practices, and captivating stories from around the world, Animal Power is an guide to the power of the animal realm and how they bring peace, healing and empowerment to your life. In this compendium, get ready to discover rituals, meditations, and visualizations to connect with 100 remarkable animals and their specific messages to share with you. Learn how to connect with the animal power of the bear for comfort and protection, the leopard for confidence, the seal for healthy relationships, and the peacock for creative inspiration, and many others. The practices are paired with illuminating stories from spiritual teachers around the world.
Abrams & Chronicle | October 21

good to discover

Tim Ferris podcast
Françoise Bourzat: The maven of consciousness medicine

Psychedelic Peer Support Line
offers free, confidential peer support by phone and text message to people in the midst of psychedelic experiences, holding space for others or integrating past psychedelic experiences.

You’re Dead to Me.
Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history to learn and laugh about the past.

Kindling Burning Man
Embark upon a journey of exploration into global Burning Man culture…

good to know

The Stoned Ape Theory
psychoactive | Psychedelic Spotlight | 30 August 21
Terence McKenna and the origins of consciousness

The fungal mind
psychoactive | Psyche | 1 September 21
The evidence for mushroom intelligence

Traditional tales
culture |  boingboing | 2 September 21
Iron Circus Comics concentrates on Native art

Powered by the sun
science | Reasons to be cheerful | 3 September 21
Darling, let’s get a new fridge!

psychoactive |  Marijuana Moment | 6 September 21
Oregon Psilocybin Panel joins Harvard research program

Treating the brain
psychoactive | Inverse | 7 September 21
How ketamine affects depression

A life-changing experience
psychoactive | | 7 September 21
5-MeO-DMT also cures this TV star’s anxiety

No increase
psychoactive | Marijuana Moment | 7 September 21
Legalisation does not lead to more smoking in young people

In storage 
eco | The Guardian | 9 September 21
World’s largest machine to capture carbon from ice launched in Iceland

Growing poppies
psychoactive | The Nib | 11 September 21
Mexican mountain farmers affected by the opium economy

Safe parameters
psychoactive | Springer Link | 13 September 21
LSD as a potential treatment for medical and psychiatric disorders

Cannabis for athletes?
psychoactive | The Guardian | 15 September 21
World Doping agency to review marijuana’s banned status

psychoactive  | Counterpunch | 15 September 21
The case for entheogens

Free cannabis
psychoactive | Business Cann | 17 September 21
Swiss cities enlist subjects to help decide best drug policy

psychoactive | Newsweek | 22 September 21
‘The biggest advance in treating depression since Prozac’

A conclusive study
psychoactive | the Onion | 22 September 21
Cannabis mostly helps us overcome life

psychoactive |  The Guardian | 25 September 21
Wave of research into psychedelics and mental health

Roll Over!
culture | Open culture| 27 September 21
AI finishes Beethoven’s 10th Symphony

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