december 2021 – good to hear

Mario Batkovic with Clive Dreamer
Mario Batkovic displays rare skills on the accordion, in some ways reminiscent of the great late bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla. The second single, taken from his new album Introspectio is called «Repertio». It is a collaboration with MXLX and Clive Deamer, drummer with the bands Portishead and Radiohead. Batkovic is a composer for film and game scores. His first album received widespread critical acclaim with Rolling Stone listing it in the top ten avantgarde albums of 2017. His mission is to explore the song possibilities of the accordion, without effects or loops, but rather through a mutual symbiotic relationship between man and instrument. He is constantly on tour, playing the great venues and festivals of the world. As a composer, he is known for his work on Die Schwalbe (2016), Red Dead Redemption II (2018) and Unser Garten Eden (2010).
Invada Records | November 21

Hikayeleri ile ‘Ben Yaşarım’
Ada Lea
Sertab Erener, born on 4 December1964 in Istanbul, is known for her contralto voice and its classical oriental modulations. She took singing lessons from an early age. The renowned Turkish singer, Sezen Aksu, promoted her. From age eleven, Sertab suffered from ulcerative colitis. In 1994, an operation removed her entire large intestine. As a result of this ordeal, she began to meditate and to study philosophical books. In between surgeries, she produced a second album with songs by Sezen Aksu that sold 600’000 copies; her first had been a collection of songs performed for national Turkish TV, her third contained her own songs. This is her 14th album, manifesting different styles. Sertab is also known as a philanthropist, and her song ‘Every Way That I Can’ was voted best European Song Contest Winner in 50 years.
Sony | December 21

An Orchestrated Songbook
Paul Weller with Jules Buckley and the BBC Symphony Orchestra
Paul Weller is an English singer-songwriter, singer, musician (bass guitar) and fashion designer. He achieved fame with the revival band The Jam and is credited with being the ‘godfather of British pop’. Born in 1958 and initially named John William Weller; his parents often called him Paul. He came from a humble background and showed a great interest in music form an early age, admiring The Who, The Beatles, and Status Quo. His engaging and slightly hoarse voice tackles anything from pop and jazz standards to rock and roll. From 1992, his career moved upward and away until he became one of the most successful British musicians of his generation. He has also been very generous with his money.
Universal | December 21

In Order to Know You
Deep Throat Choir
Deep Throat Choir is an all-female singing collective formed in 2013 by Luisa Gerstein. Having played in the bands Landshapes and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, the project was driven by the simple desire to bring music making back to a few basic elements: just voices and drums. Not for the love of choirs per se, but for the love of raw female voices thrown together, of the interplay of intricate vocal melodies and harmonies; Luisa wanted to sing and arrange the music she loved, and to hear it stripped and bolstered in that specific way that lots of voices can do. A melody sung by one voice is so different to a melody sung by many, and the same goes for words; the sentiment is altogether transformed when carried by a collective as opposed to an individual.
Bella Union | December 21

Servant of the mind
Volbeat, a Danish rock band formed in Copenhagen in 2001, playing a fusing of rock and rock, heavy metal, and rockabilly, are pleased to present a new studio album. Their current line-up are made up of vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Bob Caggiano, drummer Jon Larsen and bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen. All of their studio albums have been certified gold in Denmark. Their second album Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil attained platinum status, and their 2010 release Beyond Hell/Above Heaven was subject to widespread international critical acclaim. They have opened for mega bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Nightwish. Volbeat contributed a cover of the Metallica song «Don’t Tread on Me» to the charity tribute album The Metallica Backlist, released in September 2021.
Mascot Records | December 21

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