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Modes of Sentience. Essays.

Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes
Modes of Sentience is an essay collection by philosopher of mind Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes that explores the extraordinary intersection of psychedelic experience with philosophy, the analysis of mind in relation to panpsychism, multiple dimensions of space, time, and other metaphysical matters. He discusses the revelatory character of psychedelics, their influence on philosophy or the psychedelic mode of perception and criticizes Alfred North Whitehead. Keeping apace with the psychedelic renaissance in science and medicine, this collection proposes new philosophical models for discerning altered and alternate modes of sentience. Philosopher of mind Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes is  a research fellow and associate lecturer at the University of Exeter. He is the author of Numenautics, the TEDx Talker on ‘Psychedelics and Consciousness’, and he is inspiration to the inhuman philosopher Marvel Superhero, Karnak.
Psychedelic Press | December 21

The Art of Sacred Smoke: Energy-Balancing Rituals to Cleanse, Protect, and Empower

Neelou Malekpour and Louise Androla (illustrator)
The author shares rituals essential to aligning and calibrating your energy. Learn how to use the natural ingredients she employs in her practices — and in her frequency-raising business, SMUDGED — from rose petals to palo santo, and how to source them responsibly. Learn how to cleanse and protect yourself and your space, tap into your intuition, and elevate your frequency through sacred smoke, candle, stone rituals—and more. At a time when many of us are looking for mindful solutions to the chaos of modern life,
The Art of Sacred Smoke offers an empowering new way to connect to nature and to your best self. Neelou Malekpour was born in Seattle and raised in Tehran, Iran, before moving to Los Angeles during the Iranian Revolution. She started Smudged as a tribute to her late grandmother, who taught her to be responsible for the vibrations she put out into the world.
TarcherPerigree | March 22

Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan

Carl Abrahamsson 
One of privileged few who spent time with the “Black Pope” in the last decade of his life, Carl Abrahamsson met Anton LaVey in 1989, sparking an “infernally” empowering friendship. In this book Abrahamsson explores what LaVey was about, where he came from, and how he helped shape the esoteric landscape of the 1960s. The author shares in-depth interviews with the notorious Satanist’s intimate friends and collaborators, including LaVey’s partner Blanche Barton; his son, Xerxes LaVey; current heads of the Church of Satan, Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia; occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger; LaVey’s personal secretary Margie Bauer; film collector Jack Stevenson; and film historian Jim Morton. Providing inside accounts of the Church of Satan and activities at the Black House, this intimate exploration of Anton LaVey reveals his ongoing role in the history of culture and magic.
Destiny Books | March 22

Conversations with People Who Hate Me: 12 Things I Learned from Talking to Internet Strangers

Dylan Marron
Dylan Marron’s work has racked up millions of views and worldwide support. From his ‘Every Single Word’ video series highlighting the lack of diversity in Hollywood to his web series ‘Sitting in Bathrooms with Trans People’, Marron has explored some of today’s biggest social issues. Yet, according to some strangers on the internet, Marron is a “moron,” a “beta male,” and a “talentless hack.” Rather than running from this online vitriol, Marron began a social experiment in which he invited his detractors to chat with him on the phone—and those conversations revealed surprising and fascinating insights. Now, Marron retraces his journey through a project that connects adversarial strangers in a time of unprecedented division. After years of production and dozens of phone calls, he shares what he’s learned about having difficult conversations and how having them can help close the ever-growing distance between us.
Simon and Schuster | March 22

The Witch’s Guide to Wellness. Natural, Magical Ways to Treat, Heal, and Honor Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Krystle L Jordan
Magic meets healthy living. The Witch’s Guide to Wellness shows you just how easy it is to connect with yourself, listen in to what your body needs, and add a little magic to make sure you’re living your healthiest life. Krystle L. Jordan is a wellness writer certified in holistic nutrition and has been a practitioner of the craft for over twenty years. An absolute lover of the earth and a part-time forest fairy, she focuses on living a sustainable, natural lifestyle and believes that everything carries its own energy and magic. Krystle has additional training in herbalism and body detoxification and is the creator of The Wholesome Witch. In The Witch’s Guide to Wellness, you will bring your spiritual practice into the practical world with spells, potions, and powerful activities. You will be able to treat common ailments, understand your body’s cycle, and develop a positive relationship with your mind and body. Find more of her work at TheWholesomeWitch.com
Simon and Schuster | March 22

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