april 2022 – goodnews editorial

annual report

The year 2021 was marked by a twist of fate for us. Due to Covid-19, everything proceeded quietly at first. In the Gaia Media Lounge, Ethnobotanika GmbH organized the first courses and integration circles, the number of registered library books grew slowly but steadily. Unfortunately, visitors only showed up sporadically. Socially, we were shut down. Almost a year ago, out of the blue, the tragic news hit us: Lucius Werthmüller, our foundation president, friend and advisor, is dead. We were blindsided. We never expected to lose him so suddenly. We miss Luci very much. His death brought many changes and cost us not only Luci’s broad knowledge, but also the professional support from the Parapsychological Association of Basel, which we regret very much. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Therese Hartmann, who supported us on the part of the PSI Association, for her valuable work and to wish her the very best. As Luci’s immediate collaborator, she was particularly affected by his death. These changes meant that the Gaia Media Foundation had to reinvent itself, so to speak. The Board of Trustees needs to be supplemented. Projects that were driven by Luci fell away, and those that were planned had to be rethought. This process is ongoing. And will continue to progress this year. Gaia Media firmly believes that good things come from transformation. We are happy to announce that the Foundation has been reorienting itself since the beginning of 2022, and will be happy to let you participate in our progress.We will be open every Wednesday from now on, from 12 to 18 h, and from May on every Saturday at the same time. We hope to see you soon at the Gaia Lounge at Hochstrasse 70, 4054 Basel, and please feel welcome!

Kerim Seiler / Susanne G. Seiler
Board of Trustees Editor goodnews

P.S. This year we’ll celebrate Bicycle Day with a small party. Details can be found under ‘good to visit/stream)’. And the first ‘The Psychedelic Salon’ will take place in Basel too, info ibidem.


Every door stands an open door:
our human settlements all temporary.

We share together the incidental shore
and teach the young to tend the lamp’s wick,

weary of anyone small enough to bar our entry.

Joan Kane

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