august 2022 – good to know

psychoactive  The Guardian | 1 July
Germany to become the world largest potential market for cannabis

More cannabis
psychoactive | The New York Times | 1 July
The case of Delta-8 THC

eco | High Country News | 1 July
How green is hydrogen?

Love saves
psychoactive  The New York Times | 7 July
Co-dependency in addiction recovery is a dangerous myth

Effective muses
psychoactive | Neo.Life | 7 July
How psychedelics impact creative thinking

psychoactive |  The Globe & Mail | 9 July
Imperfectly perfect psychedelic clinics strive to make you feel at home

science | IFLScience | 9 July
Quantum entangles atoms twenty miles apart

life | Inverse | 12 July
How hot is too hot for us?

Europe after the rain
psychoactive | boingboing | 14 July
Happy birthday DADA!

psychoactive |  The New York Times | 15 July
Taking the magic out of mushrooms

psychoactive | ScienceDirect | August Issue
An overview of the research to date

A hippie success story
psychoactive | The New York Times | 20 July
The culture of Double-Blind magazine

From poppies to buds
psychoactive | The Guardian | 22 July
Growing hemp in Kabul

An age-old psychedelic
psychoactive | Inverse | 23 July
Can mad honey get you high?

Father of the Gaia Theory
science | abc News | 27 July
James Lovelock died on his 103rd birthday

nature | The New York Times | 27 July 22
Digging for details about fungi

A mystery
science | New York Post | 27 July
Holes in the ocean floor leave experts wondering

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