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Dyonisian Buddhism. Guided Interpersonal Meditations in the Three Yanas

Claudio Naranjo
The late Dr. Claudio Naranjo structured the meditations in Dionysian Buddhism to guide individuals towards acceptance of what is, to meet pain with joy, expand awareness into consciousness, and to learn how to share in the full presence of others. In Dionysian Buddhism, Naranjo draws on traditions from Theravada to Vajrayana in order to create a work that emphasizes both the experiential and multifaceted aspects of meditation. “Only a change of consciousness might save our world,” he wrote. “And that in view of this collective shift in consciousness there is nothing more relevant we can do than start with ourselves.”
Synergetic Press

Cobalt Blue

Sachin Kundalkar
This novel confronts issues of sexuality in a changing society through a love triangle between a brother, sister, and their family’s lodger, an artist living in their family home in Pune, in western India. He seems like the perfect tenant, but he’s also a man of mystery. Translated from the Marathi by acclaimed novelist and critic Jerry Pinto, Sachin Kundalkar’s elegant and exquisitely spare novel explores the disruption of a traditional family by a free-spirited stranger in order to examine a generation in transition.
New Press

The Dreaming Circus. Special Ops, LSD, and My Unlikely Way to Toltec Wisdom

Jim Morris
During his third tour of duty in Vietnam where he served as a Green Beret, John Morris was wounded badly enough to be retired from the army. He came home bitter, angry that his career had been ended until he discovered LSD and the fact that many of Ken Kesey’s Merry Prankster had served in the army too. Retired U.S. Army Special Forces Major Jim Morris has worked as a civil rights advocate for the mountain peoples with whom he fought, the Montagnard, and his Vietnam memoir, War Story, won the first Bernal Diaz Award for military non-fiction. For decades he has immersed himself in a deep study of Toltec shamanism.
Bear & Company

The Petroglyphs of Mu. Pohnpei, Nan Madol, and the Legacy of Lemuria

Carole Nervig
On the small Pacific island of Pohnpei, Carole Nervig discovered hundreds of petroglyphs carved on gigantic boulders. She began comparing them with petroglyphs and symbols from around the world. Documenting her discoveries on Pohnpei and revealing how the archetypal symbols of the Pohnpaid petroglyphs have exact counterparts in other ancient cultures and universal motifs throughout the world, she provides evidence that Pohnpaid predates – neighbouring Nan Madol and shows how Pohnpaid was an outpost of Kahnihmueiso, a city of Mu, or Lemuria. 
Simon and Schuster

Volt Rush. The Winners and Losers in the Race to Go Green

Henry Sanderson
We depend on a handful of metals and rare earths to power our phones and computers and, increasingly, our cars and our homes. Whoever controls these finite commodities will become rich beyond imagining. Sanderson journeys to meet the characters, companies, and nations scrambling for the new resources, linking remote mines in the Congo and Chile’s Atacama Desert to giant Chinese battery factories, shadowy commodity traders, secretive billionaires, a new generation of scientists attempting to solve the dilemma of a ‘greener’ world. Henry Sanderson covered commodities and mining for the Financial Times for seven years. He tweets at @hjesanderson. 
One World Publishing

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