september 2022 – goodnews editorial


As in the Chinese parable of the farmer who lost his horses but gained his son’s life (and, in the end, retrieved the horses, too), negative events may lead to positive outcomes.
What does this mean in relation to the energy crisis (overpopulation, depleted soils, the meat sector)? The former escalated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As a first positive outcome, people showed tremendous solidarity with Ukraine. This had a liberating effect; giving us an opportunity to resist what had befallen us. This winter, we may get down to the nitty-gritty of our comfort and luxuries. Will we still stand behind Ukraine then? The destruction, the killing, the suffering and the cruelties of war must end! But at what cost?
After the oil crisis of 1974-75, we downsized our economies. According to the business dictionary, “Healthy downsizing is the term used to describe efforts to reduce the scope of a company’s business to a certain planned level.” That’s what it’s all about. Not only because of the energy-saving potential of the downsizing process, which requires a little insight, but is not difficult to implement, but because we have come to realize that the “planned measure” has long been lost. We just never got enough.
But that’s all over now, as much as it may rain this fall to fill our empty rivers and reservoirs! Will we have to dress for an Arctic winter? Get used to bed socks, hot water bottles, and night caps? Will we have to retire to the bedroom with our beloved, with the cat, with a book, or with all the above, instead of shivering in front of the TV? Time will tell.
To get us through this difficult time, let us keep moving and be outdoors as much as possible! Nature offers us its beauty and healing power any time of the year. Let us recover and be strengthened by enjoying its magnificence. As to the urban environment: never have people wanted public spaces to be greener, more natural, and more sustainable. Never have as many – private and public – steps been taken to express and fulfil this desire!
Susanne G. Seiler

P.S. The Psychedelic Salons are back, and you’ll find us at the Gaia Lounge, Hochstrasse 70 in Basel (near Basel SBB main station,  Stop Peter Merian) every Thursday afternoon from 14 – 18 h. Welcome!


I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars
It is remarkably contagious
So kiss me!

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