mai 2019 – good to meet

The Five Percent Challenge
is an invitation to join an open collaborative action plan to cut GHG emissions from the mobility sector in cities by 5% in the first year

The Limina Foundation
supports «the betwixt and between states of conciousness, where transformation, change and renewal takes place. This awakening can occur in the individual, the community and the culture at large.»

march 2019 – good to meet

Reconnect Foundation
Reconnect Foundation is a non-profit organisation, based in Switzerland, with the mission to establish a novel approach to transformational and sustainable healthcare with a focus on mental health and holistic well-being. Ayahuasca research is one of the topics pursued by the foundation.

september 2018 – good to meet

The Mind Foundation
Promotes the development of psychedelic science in order to facilitate human development, health and well-being through high quality research, evidence based interventions, policies and participative practices.

august 2018 – good to meet
Light of Existence is a blog in German and English by the musician and composer Marcel Levermann, featuring analyses, philosophical excursions, insights, poetry as well other texts related to philosophy, nonduality and art.
Ralph Abrahams, chaos mathematician, DMT explorer and Lindisfarne member

april 2018 – good to meet

The NGO Skateistan was started by skaters for children in need. Initiated in 2007, theirs is a great success story, and they cater to children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa by now. Let’s keep Skateistan rolling, people!

Martina Hoffmann
German-born Martina Hoffmann partially grew up in Cameroon. Today she works as a painter and sculptress and remains a central figure in contemporary Visionary Art.

The Costa Rica Initiative
This is a global community of men and women who have joined together to establish a healing center in Costa Rica.

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