Obituary for Lucius Werthmüller

Lucius Werthmüller † 22.5.1958 – 9.4.2021

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Luci Werthmüller, our friend and companion, quite unexpectedly passed away on April 9.

It is hard for us to believe. We were still in email contact during his last days: he was cordial as always, committed, authentic, straightforward. We mourn with his family and friends.

As the President of our Foundation, a task he fulfilled prudently and competently after Dieter Hagenbach’s demise almost five years ago, Luci leaves a deep vacuum in our lives.

For close to thirty years, we came to know and appreciate him as a true friend, a visionary and a loyal companion in numerous projects. It was an unbelievable opportunity to work with someone as friendly, benevolent, helpful and unselfish, and we will sorely miss his mischievous humor, his profound expertise and – last but not least – his palpable connection with the spiritual world.

As President of the Board of our Foundation, Lucius Werthmüller invested a lot of love and energy in Gaia Media projects. The gaiamedia goodnews is published monthly. In cooperation with the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy (SÄPT), the psychedelics consultancy, close to his heart, has been very popular ever since September 2019 and has experienced an unexpected upgrade and pertinence with the intensified scientific research into the therapeutic potential of mind-expanding substances in recent years.

With the opening of the gaialounge and the ethnobotanika store, in September 2020, Luci laid the foundation for our mission – to create a place where people can meet and share ideas in the fields of consciousness, ecology, spirituality and the exploration of consciousness-expanding substances. Luci was highly motivated to contribute to a new understanding of nature within our cultural niche. His commitment also finds expression in our gaia media library and in the workshops, lectures and cultural events to take place there.

With gaialounge, one of Luci’s core interests finds its fulfillment, and we are honored to carry the torch of this involvement out into the world.

Thank you for your love of the cause, your commitment, your persistence, your patience.

We will miss you infinitely.

For the Board:
Dr. Pierre Joset
Kerim Seiler

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