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angels and demons

Though they lend form to the qualities we strive for (overall), I don’t believe in Coincidence Control Agents (John Lilly), or angels. It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think that we, a species of ingenious losers, consort with these lofty entities. If they were our helpers, why then would we be in this moral, ecological, economic, and social mess? Could it be that our mishaps are due to angels who hate us aka known as demons aka the nether instincts in people? 
The idea of being aided or manipulated to our advantage by beings from other dimensions doesn’t appeal to me. My mother, a devout protestant, used the Almighty to enforce her rules: God is watching you! I challenged and rejected this petty spy when I was five years old. Didn’t he have more urgent concerns than to busy himself with me? As a teenager, I understood that the church held me in contempt, as a girl and as a woman, and refused to resign myself to a life of pain and suffering. These feelings can and should not be avoided or repressed. But glorified as a religion? Somehow the idea of God as love was and is not expressed very convincingly by our religious institutions. Like Karl Marx famously said: If Christians were truly Christian, we’d notice.
I do believe the universe is intelligent and omnipotent, all my senses and faculties tell me so, but I don’t think it cares whether I finished my plate last night or had a drunken fling with my neighbour’s husband, though it may have been a terrible idea. I believe that the cosmos interferes with us in the slow and impersonal but not unfriendly way we call evolution.
As to consorting with spirits, that I do for sure. As a child I saw fairies, pixies, and dwarves behind every bush und under every toadstool. I’ve met a few plant spirits and I consult with animals and archetypes. Are they my outer or my inner guides? And where do visions and symbolic messages come from? From the bottom of what reality?
I try to stay cool…
   Susanne G. Seiler

P.S. The Psychedelic Salons will be back in September, In the meantime, we’re at the Gaia Lounge in Basel every Thursday afternoon from 14 – 18 h. Welcome!

my mama moved among the days

My Mama moved among the days
like a dreamwalker in a field;
seemed like what she touched was hers
seemed like what touched her couldn’t hold,
she got us almost through the high grass
then seemed like she turned around and ran
right back in
right back on in
   Lucille Cilfton

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